Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kiss on my cheek ---update with picture's

God kissed me on the cheek today aka blessings. I was on the phone with Tim on my way to the doctor because I have not been feeling well (not pregnant)....anyway we decided that I would pick up a Christmas tree with the kids this week instead of trying to do too much this weekend. After we hung up I said to the kids that if I was feeling well after the appointment we could get a Christmas tree and screams of excitement filled the van.

I then said to myself that I wish I could find a place that would deliver because I didn't want to get the van all dirty. I arrive at the appointment and there is a truck in the parking lot with Christmas tree's in it and the guy is dropping a tree off for my doctor. I tell the kids that he is the man who has the tree's and the man asks me if I want to buy one and I said sure, here is where God kisses me on the cheek....the man then says, I will deliver it to your house at no charge ($25 total for a noble fir 6ft tall) !!! He gives me his cell number and after the appointment we have the cutest tree ever....perfect in every way!! I could have cried I was so over joyed, and the simple ways that God shows his love for me.

(Lincoln putting the Angle on the tree this year, Reagan did it last year.)

Some people might not think its a big deal but we are still trying to catch up on all the laundry and being sick, Lincoln is sick and Tim is also not feeling well, and God provides huge blessings for us all the time but some how its the small ones that sink in to your core that you know he cares about you and cares about the details.

Here is the tree all decorated, the kids are thrilled and so am I!! Isn't it cute, I love that it isn't too big and it was so easy to decorate with the kids!!

This is the nativity set my parents gave us, it is from Bethlehem and it is made out of olive wood. I love it and will cherish it always. This is also the baby Jesus that was lost (Lincoln hid him, he likes to hid things) but then was found inside a tea pot in play kitchen at my Mom's house by Reagan.

This is the kids Fisher Price Nativity set, when you press the angle is sings away in a manger, they love it and fight over it you notice an extra person in the mix?
In the background is Noah's Ark and it is an advent calendar, everyday you open the little door and bring out an animal and by day 24 you have 12 pairs of animals and the kids love it and so do I, my sister in law Beth go it for me a couple of years ago. Off to bed, I'm so tired.

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