Friday, December 26, 2008

Pictures from Christmas

We didn't get to see our normal Santa because of the weather. The kids told Santa what they wanted and that they had been good kids all year. They loved it!!

Christmas Eve at my parents home. Tim had to work and got caught in some traffic so we didn't make it to church. However, we had a really nice time with them. Reagan was Santa's helper and passed out all the gifts.

Lincoln got the Handy Many truck and tools from my parents, he loves playing with it and using all the different is pretty cool.

Christmas morning, Reagan got the bike she asked Santa for, she tells me all the time that the elf's did a very nice job making it.

Lincoln with the Pirate ship he asked Santa for, he has a very funny pirate voice and you can hear him saying "argh, argh, argh, me maties!" I love this age!!

Ditka getting a nice chewy bone for Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Tim's mom & step dad on Saturday because his brother flew in from Hawaii the day before. We had a very nice dinner and then opened presents. His step brother Jason and his 3 boys were there and Tracy one of his 3 step sisters.

Below is our niece Haley and sister in law Leah.

Reagan in her pretty Christmas dress, she is waiting for Uncle Jason to read the Christmas Story out of the Bible.

Lincoln and Ben listening to the story. We had a great time. I will post picture's soon of Reagan and Haley's quilts. But I'm to tired. It has taken me 3 days to write this post and it isn't even very long.

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