Sunday, January 4, 2009

choo choo

Lincoln got some Geo Track trains for Christmas and we have had fun setting them up and playing with them. Lincoln really gets into it.

He got this one that has this really fun airplane that flies on a track that loops around. When we have all the trains going and the plane its like being at Newark Airport in NJ.

Here it is all set up. Right before bed Lincoln told me that it was time to clean up and we had to put it away....much to my surprise. I think he just likes snapping the pieces apart.

Completely off topic, I got a very cute black dress for Christmas from my wonderful mother. I saw this very cute mommy over on flickr who took picture's of herself in different clothes, trying to pick out something to where. Anyway, I think I need better light, and way more practice. Seriously, I don't have time to practice taking picture's of myself, but I wish I did, maybe then I would be more photogenic. So here is picture A, I have boots on but I think regular pumps would look great too.

I almost didn't include this picture but we all need to laugh sometimes....right. First I'm not even in focus, there is the monkey, then the iron, and the can of starch, but if you are wondering who the man is in the frame....that is my hubby's high school senior picture....I know!!!.... he is a hottie!!!

The other striking thing I noticed about both pictures is that I need something on the walls, we have lived in this house for 4 years now and I don't have 1 picture up in our master bedroom, nor do I have a proper color...just eggshell boring. I was thinking about painting just the wall behind the bed. Now I need to find a color and some art, preferably all on the low cost side.

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Shana said...

You are one hot mama. And I love the testicle gift.
Miss you guys a ton.
Shana and the fam