Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ditka, Ditka, Ditka......sigh

Ditka eats and chews on a lot of things. He has tested my blood pressure many times with the things that I have found or left over from his chewings...not sure that is a word. But today took the cake.

I found one of Lincoln's old wet diapers, on the couch with the gross part completely gone. The Velcro parts were there to attach the diaper but there was a giant hole missing. I said to myself...I should call the vet....just to make sure. They tell me to rush down right away because they need to make him throw up. Easy enough task, but our niece was over and we were in the middle of playing make-up mickey mouse party photo shoot. We were all running around trying to find our shoes, coats, pants, purse, leash and then rush out the door. We prayed for Ditka on our way.

We drop him off, I fill out some forms and they tell me to call in an hour. When we were leaving all three kiddos were walking with heads hung low, I said why is everyone so sad and they all said that they didn't want to leave Ditka.....he has such a big fan club. As we are buckling up and getting all situated our awesome vet tapped on my window. I got out and he told me that, Ditka threw up the diaper, he said it was a large white foamy mess, with some bark chips and part of a small toy. But Ditka would be just fine, and I could come back in a couple of hours to get him.

I'm convinced that he has an iron stomach, please entertain with me just a few things he has eaten. These are just the things that we have found already chewed, he would chew a lot more if we let him.
  • My brand new pair of summer strappy heals from to wear once
  • colored pencils
  • pen caps
  • dryer sheets
  • bark chips
  • rocks
  • stuffing from his bedding
  • streamer from Reagan's new bike
  • cardboard
  • wrapping paper
  • pom-pom string from a cheer leader know what I'm talking about
  • tomatoes....from my garden
  • soap
  • snack size 3 musketeer bar in the wrapper....wrapper came out the other end
  • Lego's
  • hair clips
  • stuffed animals
  • Polly pocket parts
  • balloon
  • crayons
  • wet diaper
  • baby Jesus....yes he ate a baby Jesus that my sister in law Beth got for me when Reagan was a baby, I loved that little nativity set and now its missing the star of the show.
We do love Ditka very much and he is a much better dog now that he is getting older, but seriously people he is going to make my blood pressure shoot through the roof.


The Shannons said...

Ok I my co-worker showed me this comic and I think really applies to Ditka.

Kristin said...

You are a saint. I am not enough of a dog lover to have that much chewed up. That is why we have a cat and not a dog at this point. I am just not ready. Good for you.

Christy said...

It will get least that is what they tell me. If we had adopted an older dog we probably wouldn't be going through all this.

Christy said...

Bill that comic was perfect, I had a good laugh!!

Lee Ann said...

I can't believe he ate baby Jesus. Maybe he blessed his stomach as he was sitting there. Ha. So funny.