Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dr. Ron

So, I went to the Doctor and told him my symptoms and he asked me a bunch of questions, looked at my hands, then he said...I'm not flirting with you but I need to run my fingers through your hair....okaaaayy I say. It was some sort of break test on my hair because a lot comes out in the shower and through out the day. He did say that stopping birth control and the sleep aid would aid in weight loss and he wasn't as concerned and told me to stop conferring with Dr. Google (he knows I do that and I tell him because he is a great doctor.) They took blood and I might know something today, but most likely it will be Wednesday. When I know something I will let the whole Internet community know....unless its too embarrassing...in that case I'm not sure what I would do.

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I've Move to: www.HOWISJULIE.com said...

I am hoping for the best.
Stop hair spray, if you use it.
I think the blood test will have some answers for you. I have been worried.