Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Here are some picture's of Reagan and cousin Haley with sparklers. The first 2 are of Reagan and the last 2 are of Haley. I thought they looked pretty cool. Reagan would only hold 1 sparkler at a time, that is why hers isn't so bright.

The girls stayed up until 1am, Lincoln went to bed just past 10pm. Tim & his brother Todd played Boom Blox on the Wii most of the night. Just past midnight, Tim let off some fireworks and we thought the dog was inside....but he wasn't. For the rest of the time we were awake I thought Ditka was ruined, he coward right next to Tim & Todd and wouldn't even come to me for a treat....and I wasn't even the one who let off the fireworks! He is much better today and is back to his normal self.

I'm not one who is big on resolutions for the new year. So you won't won't be reading a big long list. We had a great year and are looking forward to 2009. We hope this year is fruitful for our family.

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Scott and Shana said...

Those pictures are really cool... you should frame one!