Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In other news

Behold a feast.....

The kids have made a feast for us. They brought in Lincoln's small talking kitchen and a step stool, some boxes and have created a feast. They set out play plates, cups, canned food and random food from the pantry. Then they brought in small action figure toys like, princesses, pirates, trains, and then random framed picture's of our family, like they are eating with us.

In other news, Ditka went back to the vet today to investigate his sore nipples....rolling eyes....yes I said that. His nipples have actually bleed....poor guy. He has infected nipples.....sigh.....how does that happen, he is a neutered male dog...not a female who just gave birth and is nursing a whole litter of pups.

But the most exciting news from the vet......he is going to be featured in the animal clinic's newsletter. You could only imagine the range of topics, man's best friend, most expensive pet ever, potty training 101, crate training, nope none of these are topic of choice. But I am sure you have figured it out, its because he eats weird things. Mainly they are going to talk about how he ate the diaper and baby Jesus. When the newsletter comes out I might post it here, and at least they aren't putting our names in it......sigh of relief.....

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Scott and Shana said...

Eating baby Jesus... that is title of the article right there!