Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Madie Who Quilt

I call this the Madie Who quilt because I was inspired by the pink owl flannel print. Shana, Madie's Mommy told me one had to be pink and I went from there.

Inspiration, maybe it can remind her of the cold night when they lived in Alaska. Not so cold now in Arizona that is for sure. Aren't those owl's so cute with there little snow hats on and scarfs and big eyes...I just think they are darling.

I was so tired of triangles and half squares that I tried this new and super easy nine patch design out and loved it. Basically you just sew these 3 squares together all the same size to make a row. When you have 3 rows sewn then sew them all together to make 1 big piece. Then divide it into 4's. I ended up folding it in half then ironing it so I had a line to follow when I cut it. Then do it again for the other half. The outside 4 corner square's become the largest square on the blanket, so choose wisely.

Play with the design until you like what you see and then sew those rows together.

I had some left over chocolaty brown minky fabric and used that as a border and then used the pink minky for the back.

I had some left over so I made this little dolly blanket or travel blanket for Madison as well, its so cute. I tied it with cream yarn.

Her little brother has a pirate theme now I just need to find pirate flannel.


I've Move to: said...

That is fabulous. She will love it.

Remember, they are in a desert town. It gets cold at night, though warms up in the day.

Christy said...

Thanks Julie, I love making these quilts for the kids, and the kids seem to love them because of the softness and warmth.

Shana said...

Madie is sleeping quietly right now with both new blankies. Thank you Christy!

Christy said...

Oh that warms my heart. Thanks Shana. Did Madie have a nice birthday?

Shana said...

Madie had the best birthday. Scott just updated the blog and put up a bunch of photos.
The day after her birthday she unfortunately got the bug - and then gave it to her Dad.

Lee Ann said...

very cool