Monday, January 5, 2009


After 3 weeks off from pre-k (it was only suppose to be 2 but with the snow it ended up being 3), we are getting back into our normal routine. Today I had high hopes of going to costco and winco to get some much needed shopping done. But, we all slept in and got out the door late and I wasn't organized and ready to do my shopping. So, Lincoln and I came back home and just puttered around here, doing the dishes, some light cleaning, laundry, go pick Reagan up, but truth be told I couldn't sleep last night.

So instead of sleep....I was watching Big Love on HBO. Its about polygamy, this guy has 3 wife's and he needs to make some bank to support his families. I wouldn't mind 2 extra pair of hands to help around, but in my world they are called a house cleaner, a nanny, and a chef. We had to let Sally go because we can't afford it anymore, but am hoping to reschedule her to once a month or every 3 weeks instead.

This morning right before we left for school I almost ate a dog treat. I had a pill in one hand and the dog treat in the other and the wrong hand went to my mouth. I knew instantly and just dropped my head so I wouldn't touch it with my lips...grosss!!! The dog didn't seem to mind, but I think he would eat a cracker that was on his own dookie.

I bruised my tushy. I thought I was sitting in a chair we have but instead I came down really hard on the arm of the chair and it was square with my tush. It hurts real bad!! I can't sit for too long and it really hurts to stand up from a sitting position.

So, I gave Tim a gag Christmas present this year along with his real ones. Its very funny and thought I would share it all with you. When I took Ditka in for a pre-op appointment for his neutering, I was joking with the vet that I wanted to give Tim Ditka's testicles for Christmas because he really didn't want to get the dog neutered but knew we had to. The vet said that he could put them in a little jar for me when I picked up Ditka. Well, when I went to pick up Ditka he gave me the jar and he even put a bow on top. I put them in his stocking and on Christmas morning we all had a great laugh. Some of our friends thought it was gross, but I think its pretty funny and so does Tim, so I guess that is all that matters.

Just a side note, they are larger than I thought they would be.

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