Saturday, January 17, 2009

somethings not right

A couple of weeks ago I told you that I was in a smaller jean size which is a lot of fun. However, there is something else that is going on. I am loosing weight and my eating habits haven't really changed. I was telling myself that it was because I gave up diet coke, was off birth control and another sleep aid drug....all those help you keep on extra weight.

But, the whole time there was this little voice in my head saying, you have never lost weight this easy, something else is going on. Here is a list.
  • I am tired all the time....yet I can't sleep.
  • My hands and feet are super cold all the time.
  • My hair is falling out, it always comes out but this is much more and my scalp is very coarse.
  • My knuckles on my hands hurt and I have a finger that I can barely bend it hurts so bad.
  • My shoulders hurt more than normal and when I sleep I wake up because my hands feel like they are stuck in cement and hurt very badly.
  • My ankles have also gave out on my several times.
  • I have been having skin issues on my face as well....I'm in my 30's when do you stop getting zits????
  • I can feel my heart beating and it feels like its loud...if that makes sense.
  • The main one, unexplained weight loss, I now wear a size 2 from old navy.
When I go to Dr. Google its over whelming, I see the doctor on Monday and hopefully after some blood tests he will figure something out. My best friend said that it sounds just like what her sister had. Hyperthyroidism. But that doesn't solve my problem of the cold hands and feet.
The other hard part is that we are trying for another baby and well, I don't know what is going to happen next. I feel a tad bit guilty because I prayed to be skinny, but I didn't want this. I like being thin but not at the cost of my health. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy.

If anyone out there has experience with this, feel free to share.


Mom said...

We're praying for you. and I'm sure you and the dr. and Dr.Google will get to the bottom of this.
God answers our prayers and maybe when you have this figured out, you will be able to help other with these symptoms.

Love you, Mom

Kristin said...

I am praying for you. I was going to tell you today how great those jeans looked on you today but not at the cost of your health. Keep me posted.