Saturday, February 28, 2009

Military baby quilts

This is the first of three baby girl quilts I'm quilting for some deserving Mommies and their baby girls, who's husband's/Daddies are in Iraq. There is actually a design in the madness of little squares. Can you see it? Its a type of design that is called a step pattern, and its the easiest form of creating Celtic art. I learned about it in Craft magazine that our friend Scott & Shana got me for Christmas....I love the magazine!!! There are 196 three inch squares, 14 x 14. The back will be a cream colored soft minky with little hearts.

I am also making one boys quilt and that will be a sock monkey quilt with all the sock monkey fabric I have it should go pretty quickly.

Oh Ditka

One day last week, after I came home from dropping Reagan off at pre-k this is what I came home to. Ditka tore apart his bed. Doesn't he look pathetic?? So no more bed for him, I'm not buying him a new one. He still has a pad on the bottom of the kennel, but now more round bed for him!

He got the zipper open and the rest is history......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reagan's new hair do

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I tried to cut it myself.......but it went really wrong.....lesson learned!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lincoln turns 3

Lincoln had his first friend birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, unfortunately 2 or the 3 guests were sick. Lucky for Lincoln Talan wasn't sick, here they are buds.

Okay, so this is funny, we all sing happy birthday and Talan just had his birthday the Sunday before. Right before Lincoln blew out the candle Talan was really funny!!

This is the exact moment with Talan blew it out...Lincoln still hasn't figured it out.

Then was like wait a minute.....

We relight the candle and all is good.

For dinner that night we went out to Red Robin, you could say that in our family its kind of a tradition to go to there on your birthday.

Sunday was the family party with all the great grandparents and grandparents.
This is me lighting the candles with a mini blow torch.....shouldn't Tim be handling the fire???

Quick family shot before Lincoln dives into presents.

I won't go through all the presents, but he did get a fun scooter.

A train set he already has and one that I can't we are taking it back to find something else....despite his pleas to keep them both.

Shoes, I don't think clothes will pass for presents anymore....they will with Reagan because she loves clothes. Can you see the look on his you kidding me

Ahhh the Nerf swords he really wanted, and they are pretty fun too. We just have to make sure Ditka doesn't chew them to bits....he loves to chew on Nerf products....there is just something about the soft but yet firm texture that he loooooves.

I can't believe Lincoln is 3, I love our little man, I have some funny conversations to tell this funny and they remind me of my brother Bill....Lincoln might be a little stubborn.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dinner for two?

This is what I found last night after the kids were put to bed and as I was doing the dishes. They definitely look big enough to eat the rest of the grilled cheese sandwich.

My Mom got Lincoln these giant bee's and he just loves them and takes them everywhere.
I guess he feeds them too.
I can just imagine what they are saying to each other....
Hey sweetie can you please pass the honey, I would be happy too darlin......(these bee's seem like they would be from the south.)

The Ditka Diaries

Ditka should have his own blog, on all the different ways he can get himself into trouble. Yesterday, while I was working on Lincoln's Scooby-Doo cake, Lincoln was playing with the water table, but we turned it into a rice table and brought it inside. The kids have loved it and I don't mind the rice on the floor too much.

Well, Lincon fed Ditka the uncooked rice, he has eaten some before but not at the quantity that Lincoln gave him. He puked before bed but we didn't think too much of it. Then this morning it was either puke or diarrhea or both all over his dog kennel and all over the kitchen floor, I'm really glad I decided to move his kennel to the kitchen. I took him outside, and he let his bowels go and did they ever. Called the vet, we take him down, and they x-ray him while we are at Chuck E Cheese. His belly is fully of rice and we need to pick him up and watch him closely for 24 hours. So Tim will be sleeping down stairs on the Airobed to monitor Ditka.

And just think, yesterday I said, Ditka has been such a good dog today.....only because he was feeling horrible. And I just have to say that we LOVE our vet, he told us that we can pay half now and half next month and that they would do anything for Ditka.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lincoln's Scooby-Doo Cake

Lincoln asked for a Scooby-Doo cake because I have a picture on the fridge of a Scooby-Doo cake I made for Julia my Goddaughter 6 years ago. Oh, and we don't even watch Scooby-Doo, so I think its funny that he wants this cake. I love making cakes for the kids on there birthday, so here is how it went.

This is what its supposed to look like.

Make frosting, just butter, powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract.

My wonderful mother's frosting tool box stocked full with all the tips, food coloring, and frosting gadgets I would ever need....thanks Mom!!

Color all the different amounts of frosting for the cake.

I didn't like how brown turned out.....looks like baby poop or dog poop....its the one on the right. So, I made chocolate frosting for Scooby's fur. And it tastes so good....hmmmm especially on Graham crackers.

Gave the mixer parts to the kids to lick, and went to find a knife.

And this is what I found, I was honestly out of knifes, but the forks, and both size spoons were missing.....I think I know who did it.

I found the forks.....on the counter....obviously its not what the perp was looking for.

I found the spoons with my perp, caught red handed, but he didn't care.

Pip in with outline of his face, nose, ears, mouth, and collar with black.

Pip in white around the cake, and eyes, also pip in pink for tongue and ears.

Start to pip in chocolate frosting with the # 16 tip everywhere else except for the collar.

He looks a little dark but in person he looks good. Pip in collar with teal and yellow on the tag and this doggy is done.

Here it is next to the paper instructions, not too bad if you ask me....its really not a hard cake to make, just time consuming.

Tomorrow we head to Chuck E Cheese to meet up with 3 of his friends, although I only think 1 friend is going to show because the other 2 are sick. Oh, well, we are going to Chuck E Cheese and have some fun. On Sunday we are having a family party with the grandparents and great-grandparents...with another chocolate cake...but this time its just a round cake.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just in......from my kitchen.....

I have found something that Ditka won't eat.........are you ready for this.....mushrooms.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A little boy and his bed

What was old is new again. This is one of the beds from the bunk bed set that was Tim's and his brothers after their parents divorced. Its so perfect for Lincoln and its in such great shape, I'm so glad that Grammy Pammy held on to it! Can you spot Lincoln in this picture?

The really nice thing about this bed is that it comes with a rail for the top bunk, but we are using it so he won't fall out. He loves that all his animals fit on his bed and that they don't fall off.

This boy couldn't be happier to have a big bed....a real big bed.

My guys

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My guys at the barber.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Salma Hayek -- Breast feeds stranger's baby

I would like to think that I would do the same as Salma Hayek. Would you?

In other news Lincoln is eating. I found that he will drinking chocolate milk and ensure flavor chocolate.....(gross but at least it is full of vitamins and he looooves it). I also told him that if he didn't eat he would have to take a nap and guess what???? He ate. I also said that if he wouldn't eat we would have to go to the doctor and he said he would like a grilled cheese sandwich. I think I'm soft on him or I have just been a pushover, that and he use to be the eater and now Reagan is the one trying new things and asking for seconds.....which she never use to do.

Today we are off thrift store shopping, looking for a dresser for Lincoln and a possible book shelf for me and my fabrics.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Bear

Tim's Mom got Lincoln this giant teddy bear from Walgreen's, he is in love with stuffed animals.
Tonight he slept in the bears arms in his bed and it is too cute!!
I used my stealthy night vision on my camera to take these picture's.

He also loves cows, you know he wants to be a happy cow when he grows up!!
I will ask him Jersey or Angus and he just looks at me and says "HAPPY!" I wonder if he will move to California? Because you know good cheese comes from Happy Cows and Happy Cows live in California.

Monday, February 9, 2009

terrible blogger

Tim and I were suppose to go fishing last week for stealhead but the river was too low because of the lack of rain. Hopefully next week we can go fishing since it started raining.

Tim is getting over having bronchitis and so it was a good thing we didn't go fishing. He also had 2 days off last week but was sick so nothing got done that we wanted to get done.

I'm busy getting ready for Lincoln's birthday party. He told me he wants a Scooby Doo cake, we have a picture on the fridge of a Scooby Doo cake I made for my Goddaughter Julia when she turned 4 or 5. I still haven't sent out invites but he is only inviting 4 friends.

Today I'm making cookies for a Valentines cookie exchange tonight. I'm just making chocolate chip cookies, I have all the stuff and don't feel like being super fancy or crafty.

I'm still working on cutting squares for the 3 baby girl quilts I'm making....only 200 left to cut.

I will leave you with what Reagan said at lunch time today, "Daddy makes my heart giggle."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nursing on a stuffed animal???

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Ditka trying to nurse from his stuffed animal....

The stuffed animal was the first toy he had after we brought him home, we think it reminds him of when he was a puppy at 8 weeks old. Its still a little strange....

The gathering of Oregon's First Nations

We went to a Powwow yesterday. It was celebrating 150 years of Native Americans in Oregon. The 150th anniversary of Oregon's statehood is Feb. 14th, and events like this are happening all over Oregon. We took the kids because when I was a child, I remember my parent's taking me to an Indian funeral and it was an amazing experience that I won't forget. My Mom grew up in Pendleton and so I was able to go to Round Up and Happy Canyon as a kid. One day we will take our little ones, but not yet.

Lincoln really enjoyed the beat from the drums, he was constantly moving his body to the beat of the drum. Reagan loved all the beautiful dresses, the beads and feathers. The actually powwow got started late and went longer than expected due to someone getting ill and an ambulance had to be called. The kids had had enough, so we got some Indian fry bread and headed to home depot.