Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Ditka Diaries

Ditka should have his own blog, on all the different ways he can get himself into trouble. Yesterday, while I was working on Lincoln's Scooby-Doo cake, Lincoln was playing with the water table, but we turned it into a rice table and brought it inside. The kids have loved it and I don't mind the rice on the floor too much.

Well, Lincon fed Ditka the uncooked rice, he has eaten some before but not at the quantity that Lincoln gave him. He puked before bed but we didn't think too much of it. Then this morning it was either puke or diarrhea or both all over his dog kennel and all over the kitchen floor, I'm really glad I decided to move his kennel to the kitchen. I took him outside, and he let his bowels go and did they ever. Called the vet, we take him down, and they x-ray him while we are at Chuck E Cheese. His belly is fully of rice and we need to pick him up and watch him closely for 24 hours. So Tim will be sleeping down stairs on the Airobed to monitor Ditka.

And just think, yesterday I said, Ditka has been such a good dog today.....only because he was feeling horrible. And I just have to say that we LOVE our vet, he told us that we can pay half now and half next month and that they would do anything for Ditka.

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