Monday, February 23, 2009

Lincoln turns 3

Lincoln had his first friend birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, unfortunately 2 or the 3 guests were sick. Lucky for Lincoln Talan wasn't sick, here they are buds.

Okay, so this is funny, we all sing happy birthday and Talan just had his birthday the Sunday before. Right before Lincoln blew out the candle Talan was really funny!!

This is the exact moment with Talan blew it out...Lincoln still hasn't figured it out.

Then was like wait a minute.....

We relight the candle and all is good.

For dinner that night we went out to Red Robin, you could say that in our family its kind of a tradition to go to there on your birthday.

Sunday was the family party with all the great grandparents and grandparents.
This is me lighting the candles with a mini blow torch.....shouldn't Tim be handling the fire???

Quick family shot before Lincoln dives into presents.

I won't go through all the presents, but he did get a fun scooter.

A train set he already has and one that I can't we are taking it back to find something else....despite his pleas to keep them both.

Shoes, I don't think clothes will pass for presents anymore....they will with Reagan because she loves clothes. Can you see the look on his you kidding me

Ahhh the Nerf swords he really wanted, and they are pretty fun too. We just have to make sure Ditka doesn't chew them to bits....he loves to chew on Nerf products....there is just something about the soft but yet firm texture that he loooooves.

I can't believe Lincoln is 3, I love our little man, I have some funny conversations to tell this funny and they remind me of my brother Bill....Lincoln might be a little stubborn.

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Rachel said...

What a great birthday!