Monday, March 30, 2009

Dinner, Refi, Washing Machine....again!

Tonight I made Fettuccine Alfredo with prosciutto, sauteed mushrooms & shrimp with fresh basil.

So far it tastes yummy!!!

Didn't realize that when we closed on the refi that we had to have our property taxes paid, so I have to bring them a check on Friday to seal the deal.

I'm loosing my voice, and I sound like Kathleen Turner or like I could have smoked a pack a day my whole life and was 60 years old woman....that still fits the criteria of Kathleen Turner. With this voice I could go into radio too.

And of course the washing machine broke again. They come out tomorrow to get on the phone with Maytag technician and try to trouble shoot the problem, but mark my words......I bet they will have to replace the control board and the console. But nobody listens to me because I'm just a stay at home mom. Little do they know that I can fix my own oven and that I take apart the dryer to clean it out every other month.

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