Sunday, March 1, 2009


I found this fun fabric at a thrift store and couldn't turn it down...only $1.50 for 1.5 yards.

Not sure what I will use it for, probably a quilt. Can you see the little house tucked in below the mushrooms...I just love it and the bright orange, red, and green mushrooms....what's not to love.

I went to an estate sale and bought a box of white and cream fabric for $5 bucks and below is the fabric after its been washed.....smelled a little funky. There is a ton of large pieces that are perfect for the backing on quilts and also some other fun and interesting light canvas, waterproof fabric, a lacy number, none wrinkly fabric, flannel, and an almost burlap type fabric. Not sure what I'm going to do with the odd stuff, but I'm sure I will figure something out. Now I just need to iron it all, and that is going to take me some time, especially the larger piece that are about 3 yards each.

I also bought an old hard Samsonite suitcase for $1, perfect for something, not sure yet, but I do love it.

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Stormy C... is said...

fun, I love estate sales, we went to one too this weekend, no fabric tho.. just a bunch of knick-knacks or dust collectors which Carter is now addicted to.. he always picks out something he HAS to have..pretty funny. :)