Thursday, March 5, 2009

The worst kind of cold

Today we went Steelhead fishing, from about 7am to about 2:30pm. We had a great guide named Jim and we were ready to fish. As I am typing this I still feel like I am on the boat and I'm still rocking and a little dizzy.....and I haven't had anything to drink. The picture below is of a juvenile Eagle and it was breath taking. Then we saw its Mom or Dad, the next picture and that was even more spectacular!

We went around the bend and saw the other parent, very neat, I have never seen a wild Eagle in Oregon and I have lived here since I was 2 years old. The picture below was taken at the location where we saw the Eagles. (side note, you can't see it but I had my hair in cute braids, you can hardly see me, I had 5 layers on and I'm wearing my Dad's Chief's Waterproof Air Force Jacket that worked awesome...thanks Dad!!)

We didn't catch anything....well that's not entirely true. Tim caught more low lying tree branches than he would like to admit and it kinda became a joke but that was only during the first part of the trip. He was more aggressive with his casts than I was, I just got snagged on rocks under the water and little roots and branches, oh and I also was good at getting tangled with Tim and Jim......we did a lot of laughing.

Tim has fond memories fishing with his Dad for Steelhead when he was 8 years old where many fish were caught in record time. Jim told us it doesn't happen like that anymore. I did this for Tim, he loves to Steelhead fish, but I'm not sure I will ever do it again!

I have never been more cold in my entire life and I use to down hill ski race in high school, and I lived in Montana for 9 months....I know cold. But being cold and wet was mind altering. My waterproof pants were not waterproof in my hind section and therefor I had a breach in my dryness that no amount of hot chocolate was going to fix. Jim had a little propane heater that he got started and that helped tremendously. It sprinkled, rained, poured, hailed and misted, and even some sun, we experienced it all expect for snow. I'm still cold, my right arm hurts, every part of me hurts, our clothes are going through the wash again because we can't get the fish egg smell out, did I say I'm still cold and my computer screen is rocking along with the rest of the room.

Tim says that I will forget about how cold know kinda like childbirth he says and I say....No I think I'm gonna remember being the coldest I have ever been and not even getting a fish. I told him I would love to go fishing again in August for Salmon, but not steelhead at the end of winter. He thinks he will change my mind and maybe he is right, but not for a while that is for sure.

I'm looking forward to a nice weekend away in a nice hotel at the beach, spending time with Tim and some of our closest friends. Thank you to Tim's Mom....aka Nana Sue for taking the kiddo's.


Shana said...

OK, not to come off too harsh but I have got to comment on this one. First off, you don't know cold until you go through Coast Guard Alaskan survival school without any fire, food, or shelter (other than the one you make yourself out of sticks and branches) in the middle of a fall/early winter storm for two days. And two, Madie was an epidural baby - piece of cake labor, not too much memory of it. Max was all natural - 9lbs 6 oz, and I still remember it vividly.

Christy said...

You crack me up, I would never think you are coming off as too harsh. I would also never think that I have ever been remotely cold as you. You are probably the strongest woman I know and I know a lot of women. And I don't mean just physically strong, you are the real deal.
I was just trying to say, that was the coldest I me personally have ever been and it sucked!!
I do remember both of the kid's deliveries and more importantly for me (c-section) the recovery....because it hurts.
Thank you for commenting my friend, hope to see you guys soon!