Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reagan and her phone

Reagan wanted me to take picture's of her in her room, I think for posterity reasons. I won't post all of them because you would be bored to death. But here are a couple of my favorite.

This is Reagan at her little desk that use to be her cousin Meghan's. Notice her pink phone that really works, my Mom bought it for her from Pottery Barn kids, and it is a real working mini phone....just her size.

Pretending to dial & talk to someone. She knows how to dial both her Nana's and has a list of cell phone numbers of family she can call and boy does she call them. She often leaves very sweet messages that are priceless.

Lincoln had to get in on the action too, so these last picture's are of the two of them being kids.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. Nana Shannon loves to receive calls from Reagan. She often tells me secrets that I can barely hear and sometimes I'm not sure I understand them, but they are welcome.

Nana Shannon

Also, Lincoln has a Mickey Mouse phone that could be plugged into a live jack in his room, but Mommy says she's not ready for that, yet. And Mommy is our boss.