Thursday, May 21, 2009

hidden coupon locations

Old Navy Coupons

Click on the link and look for the hidden coupons. The site has already updated. Some coupons are $75 off $100 purchase and some are 10% off your entire purchase. You only get 1 coupon per week. The big ones are in limited supply and they are hidden pretty good.

$60 off $100 - take the bucket in the middle square (w/two little boys)--bring it over to the pool (far right picture) and it will move showing it's filling up--once it's done that, then bring it to the picture w/the people wearing goggles and drop it there, it will fill the screen with water. You have to keep doing those steps --filling it w/water in the pool, then dropping it in the picture until it fills up the whole picture and then you'll have the $60 off.

$45 off $100 - The girl with the purple dress (on far right) has a bottle of suntan spray. Take it and spray the girl with the blue bikini (in picture on the top left w/3 girls in swimsuits)--you'll have to do it twice to spray her whole body.

$20 off $100 - Click on the orange/white striped tote (at the bottom) -move it to the girl with the purple dress and put it on her arm (just above her hand, on the right side)

$15 off $75 - In the video, at 7-8 seconds in, click on the orange sign (says Old Navy Flip Flops $1) --it does look like different people are finding it in different places--sometimes it moves around to different locations.

$10 off $50 - Middle picture with the two boys--the older boy's head is in the sand--move it onto his head

$5 off $50 - Click on the orange bottle of the girl with green swimsuit (top picture w/3 girls in swimsuits)

Good luck my friends!!

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