Friday, May 22, 2009

Military Baby Quilts w/ pics

Dakota, Chloe and Madeline were all born while their Daddies are serving our country in Iraq. My good friend Kristin is having a baby shower for these deserving Mom's and so I offered to make baby girl quilts. I cut over 500 3 inch squares for this little project and truthfully I'm not sure I will be working with such small squares again.

You might have a hard time seeing it, but each quilt has this fabric. It says, "Daddy's little sweetheart!" I thought that was especially nice since their Daddies aren't here.

This is Dakota's quilt, it is the first one I made and was the hardest. You can't really tell but there is a pattern. Its a type of design that is called a step pattern, and its the easiest form of creating Celtic art. If I do it again it will be with just two colors.

The back of Dakota's quilt. Its a soft minky fabric with hearts.

Chloe's quilt is my own design and its basically just alternating a pink fabric with a cream fabric. I was running short on squares so I used a pink minky fabric for the center and it is just so soft.
The quilt fabric is all flannel, so it will be nice and soft for the girls.

The back of Chloe's quilt. Its a soft minky fabric with hearts.

Madeline's quilt was the last one. Because I was running out of fabric and time, I sewed 4 pieces of the same fabric together to make 1 square and then sewed those together and made a pattern with what I had left. I did have to run to the fabric store but they didn't have the fabric I wanted. I still think it turned out great.

The back of Madeline's quilt. Its a soft minky fabric with hearts.

I made a little card for each quilt and this is what it said.

Made for Dakota
By Christy with Love
machine was cold gentle cycle

When I was making these quilts, I would pray for each girl,
her family and for her Daddy's safe return.
I hope they comfort little toes and hearts for years to come.
God Bless you and thank you for the sacrifices you
have made so your husband can serve our country.

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Scott and Shana said...

You are awesome. Nice work!