Saturday, June 20, 2009


This is pretty much how Friday went. In this order.

  • Reagan's temp is rising.
  • We eat breakfast except Reagan.
  • We snuggle on the couch all morning.
  • We go upstairs so I can shower and get ready for her 2pm Dr. apt.
  • Get out of shower, Reagan's temp is 104.
  • Give her Motrin to help bring it down.
  • Reagan gets bloody nose.
  • Lincoln is in skivvies and had multiple accidents all morning (everyone know what skivvies are....right?)
  • Lincoln is sitting on the little potty .
  • Reagan's nose won't stop bleeding.
  • I'm running around trying to get all necessary supplies to stop the blood.
  • Our bedspread now has blood on it, as does the blanket below.
  • Lincoln asks for his trademark "sour milk" which is carnation instant breakfast, I look around and see a sippy cup and hand it to him.
  • Run back to Reagan and things have stopped which is excellent.
  • Trying to finish getting ready when Lincoln asks so politely, can I please have a fresh "sour milk" Look of horror goes across my face because I realize that I have actually given him real sour milk and its chunky...gross.
  • I freak out, grab a towel and tell him that if he is going to choke (which is code for puke) to choke on the towel and he says, okay Mom.
  • I run downstairs, get water, crackers and fresh "sour milk" and run back up stairs.
  • Run back downstairs with bedspread and blanket to put stain remover on it before we have to leave.
  • Get the kids dressed and out the door to Reagan's Dr. apt.
  • Doctor looks her over and listens to her chest for a long time and says that she has pneumonia.
  • He checks Lincoln for good measure and he is okay no pneumonia.
  • Go to pharmacy for z-pack for kids and have to wait an hour.
  • Kids fall asleep and I get to read the paper and listen to Dr. Laura in quiet...not bad.
  • Get home, get dinner and Rx in Reagan and she seems to be doing a lot better.
  • Start making Reagan a friendship bracelet to help cheer her works.
  • Tim gets home and I let him know about a girls night with some of my neighbors and he says go.
  • I get to go out to dinner with some of my closest girlfriends, and then we went and bought little ice creams and went to one of my friend's parents house who is out of town and had girl talk till almost felt wonderful!!

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