Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Reagan!!

For Reagan's party the girls had to do Cinderella's work. They dusted, cleaned mirrors, and vacuumed. When they completed the chores they made a mask with glue, feathers and sequins. They then went upstairs and were transformed into Cinderella's.

With some magic, fairy godmother Nana Sue and fairy godmother Brooke did make-up and not pictured was fairy godmother Nana S who was doing hair in Reagan's room. That is where they got their crowns and veils.

Don't they look like a dream, just lovely.

Then they had snow cones, opened presents and had cake. It really was a lot of fun and all the girls had a good time.

We told Reagan that if she wanted, she could get her ears pierced when she turned 6 years old. At first she didn't want to because she was afraid of the pain. But when she heard that her very good friend Sarah was getting her ears pierced for her birthday next month, she decided to do it.
This was Nana Sue's present to Reagan.

This was taken right after her ears were pierced and she has buried her head in my torso.

She finally pulled her head out after about a minute of tears and thought that it would be a good idea to use her birthday money to go and buy a used game for her new Nintendo DS that she got from Nana for her b-day. This girl had a great day!!

You can't really tell but she picked out blue earrings to match her Cinderella dress. Just so you know she has been all smiles for the rest of the day....she's on cloud nine! Love you Reagan!!!

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Shana said...

Oh she looks so sweet in that last photo. I just want to hug her. Sweet baby - how did you get to be 6 years old???