Thursday, July 9, 2009

Garage Sale

Friday & Saturday I'm having a garage sale. I've been super busy getting things organized and priced. The kids are sleeping over with Nana Sue & Papa Kim tonight, which is a huge help. My Mom is coming over in the morning to help me set up and the kids are going to sell snow cones.

My Grandparents use to go around to the different county fairs and sell food with what we fondly called the meat wagon. They sold, hamburgers, hot dogs, curly fries, soda and outside they had a little stand for snow cones and popcorn. I use to go with them in the summer time and would help out where needed, and I could do it all. It had a deep fat fryer and we had so much fun seeing what would taste good fried and well almost anything tastes good fried.

I am using that snow cone machine and the kids are going to sell snow cones for .50 cents, normally sold for $1.00 but its a garage sale and things are suppose to be a deal. Flavors are Cherry, Lime and Grape, picture's to soon follow.

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