Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We had some loud fireworks.

Tim teaching Reagan how to lite a firework with a punk and Lincoln watching carefully behind her.
We had a great time and the kids loved them all.

I love this picture and how the kids are close to Daddy for the loud whistling Pete.

I love this picture it makes me smile!!

Last sparkler of the night right before things went south.

2 seconds later it is in her eye and 15 minutes later we are on our way to the ER.

3.5 hours after that we are home and in bed. Today we saw the on call eye doctor at his office because our ER is not set up to treat eyes in the middle of the night. She has a scratched cornea and he removed a piece of sparkler dust from her upper eye lid. She is cleared to go to the rodeo so we are off in just a few minutes for that. Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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Rachel said...

Such a close call! Glad she is OK!!!

PS - My hippo is back. :) Maybe he IS the One.... ???