Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lincoln's Ikea play kitchen --- not official

Started the day off great. We started building and it wasn't hot at all, in the 70's, but quickly got warm in the garage. I used the miter saw, jig saw, sander, and drill, I love it that Tim has good tools. I would have used the table saw but I haven't used it before and would rather have Tim teach me first.

I cut the hole larger than the plans call for so I had to go back to home depot for more wood and cuts for the shelf and oven door. I asked Lincoln how he wanted the door to open and he said down so he could cook me something and I said...okay.

If I wasn't taking care of the dog, the kids, and having to run to home depot and McDonald's, it would have been done this morning. But because life happens it didn't get done until about 4 pm.

Lincoln just loves it, and so does his big sister. They are currently in Lincoln's room, cooking up a storm of different kinds of food. I still need to go and get a bowl to fit in the whole. My Dad had a piece of 8 inch metal trim that goes around an electrical stove top burner. That was perfect for hiding my not so perfect hole. I also need to put down some coasters for burners and put a piece of wood on top of the shelf, but for now its perfect.


Kandi said...

That is SOOOO cute! How much did it end up costing you?

Christy said...

Thanks Kandi! It cost with materials between $40 to $50 dollars.

I had to go back to home depot because I made the sink larger and that made the shelf smaller and the oven door larger so I had to get more wood.

The nice thing is that Home depot did all the cuts at no extra cost and I had a few. I think they are a little more sympathetic to women especially when you have kids with you ;)

Jen Roth said...

Christy - I am truly impressed with this!! Since the moment I followed you down the exit stairs of the airplane on the tarmac in (where were we? San Diego?) you have never ceased to amaze me!! Way to go with this kitchen!!

Lori Vernon said...

Ditto! This is totally AWESOME. Now I wish we had an ikea cuz I would totally do one too!

Christy said...

Oh Jen that was such a fun trip! Waving to the ground crew man who nicely waved back to me and well the only one who waved back ;)
The feeling is mutual Jen!! When I grow up I want to be just like you!!

Lori- I found some diy blogs that have great ideas for homemade play kitchens, Some even made out of cardboard box's that look great!