Monday, August 31, 2009

NICU Reunion

The hospital where Lincoln was born had its first ever NICU Reunion. It was so much fun!!

They had 2 bounce houses and 1 inflatable obstacle course, face painting, pretend fishing, bean bag toss, button making station, coloring tables, free food and drinks and Lincoln got a t-shirt.

They also took a large group photo, not sure if we get a copy or they will just put it up in the hospital or what. I will have to look into that.

They also treated all the siblings that where there, they didn't get t-shirts but they got to do everything else. We had such a great time.

At the end, we won the game "mouse trap" and Lincoln said, "Oh thank you, I have wanted that for a long time." So, cute.

We had a great time and hope they have one again in a few years.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The saga continues

AAA finally came at 3:45am. Drove 10 miles and realized we left moms phone in the nice ladies car. Its now 6am and we are 1 hrs from my parents house. I will sleep there. But first we need a krispy kreme donut. We are also listening to Ted Kennedy's funeral on xm radio.

Locked out

Its 1:30am I'm in the middle of nowhere helping out with hood to coast & my mom locked the keys in the car. No cell coverage, hopefully someone will help us or we will be helping out till morning. We just need a slim jim, these walkers seem to travel light. Now its started raining....perfect. The leg captain is letting us sit in the back seat of her car while we wait for AAA. My Mom has started to tell me stories about our neighbors when I was young, where is that tow truck?!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Serious reading

As with all potty training there will be set backs and accomplishments.
We have seem to hit a roadblock on going number 2 on the toilet.
He sat on the toilet for 45 min. yesterday reading books in hopes he would make a deposit.
It didn't happen until this morning in his underpants.

I re-injured my back which is not helping. I can't even pick up Lincoln and put him on the toilet. I have library books to return, Ditka needs a bath & a walk, and I'm still in my pj's, and and its just going to be one of those days where nothing gets done.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Waiting for the ferry in Anacortes, WA.
The kids throwing rocks into the water, we found lots and lots of agates.

Great Grandma Ruth relaxing in her designer shades.

Lincoln & Granddad watching the boats behind the ferry.

1st day there we went to the bug zoo.
Lincoln loved the ants the best, he loves ants.

Reagan was fearless in holding a centipede or millipede, I don't really remember.

On our way to lunch at Sam's Deli we stopped to pose
with a violin playing Darth Vader.

We took this peddle cart back to the van, Dad walked with the stroller.
We all enjoyed our short ride.

We then went to Craigdarroch Castle.
You can see those picture's on my flickr site.

Below is us waiting for the fireworks at
Butchart Gardens. We got there just before dusk
and enjoyed all the beautiful flowers.
Unfortunately I didn't take picture's of the garden, oh well.

I would highly recommend watching the fireworks show if you get the chance.
It was by far the best fireworks display I have ever seen.

Its hard to tell but below its a mouse running
for the cheese that the cat is protecting.

This chaos of fireworks is actually the cat chasing the mouse around and around.

At the end there was a little message in fireworks, it said,
"Good Night Christy"
You can click on the link above to find the store behind the message.
The kids thought it was really neat that it said
their Mommies name in fireworks, they were talking about it for days.

Our last day in Victoria we went to the Children's farm on Beacon hill.
We all had a nice time.

Lincoln was determined to have this little birdie land on his finger.
He kept saying but Mommy I get the birdie if I just tweet, tweet.
Lincoln then proceeds to stick his arm out with his pointer finger extended
saying, "tweet, tweet, birdie, tweet, tweet." It was so cute!

While we waited for the ferry, we played at this really cool park.

Unfortunately we couldn't play long because when the gates for the ferry opened,
we all had to be in the van and couldn't leave the secured area.
So, we bought lots of ice cream at the little gift shop
and let the kids climb all over the inside of the van.

We really had a great time and the kids want to go back again but next time Daddy has to go.
You can see more picture's on my flickr site.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


****Update**** Lincoln has pooped 3 times on the toilet today!!!!! Next week we go to the trophy store to pick one out, so please help and vote or leave a comment.

Lincoln was laying on the floor today and this is what he said to me, "Mommy, next time I want to go potty & poopy on the toilet, can I get a trophy?" Me, trying to contain my excitement, said, "Yes, we will get you a trophy." Tonight he has been running around the house naked and running to the toilet saying he has to toot, but nothing happens, but this is a great start. Yesterday he told me he doesn't ever want to wear underpants, just a diaper....but something must have clicked.

So, now I need your help, you can either vote for one of the names below or leave a suggestion in a comment on what we should name the trophy. You have until Monday night to vote.

slow goin

My back is really tight today. I hate feeling like this. The house is a mess, I need to shower and Ditka has been acting like spas. I need a fairy godmother to come and clean my house, better yet, I need to start feeling better so I can clean it myself. She can fold & put away the clothes.
The flexeril, vicodin, and prednisone do help, its just that they make me so sleepy and unmotivated. I'm not going to take vicodin again until bed time and maybe that will help with my energy.
The kids for the most part have been really good, Lincoln now says that his neck and back hurt him and wants to cuddle with me. I think I will go shower now, I think that will help wake me up.

I went to my parents house yesterday and forgot to get my camera....oh, well there is always next time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little better

I'm feeling better today, just taking it easy and icing my back a lot. The doctor gave me flexril & vicodin, which does help, it just makes me sleepy and kinda lazy, but I guess I do need to be resting. My doctor adjusted me and thinks it started with my first and second rib.

There is a really big race at the end of the month that goes from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast, hence the name Hood to Coast. A bunch of our friends are running in it and I volunteered to help out during one of the legs. Tonight I have to go up to the Nike headquarters and get my get my packet and t-shirt. Thankfully my awesome friend Cyndi is going to drive me, she is also a volunteer.

I left my camera in my parents van and when I get it I will post the picture's from our fun trip to Victoria, B.C.

I wrote while on flexril and vicodin, and I'm not sure if it makes much sense.

Friday, August 14, 2009

ferry fun

ferry fun
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lincoln misses home, but is having fun. reagan wont sit still & i just want to nap. hoping to see a whale.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

on the road again

on the road again
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lincoln under the orange blanket, me and reagan. All in the way back of my parents odyssey, watching wall-e. I'm only slightly squished.

A quick note

Well at the last minute the kids and myself are going on a trip to Canada via Ferry with my parents and Great-grandma Ruth. We leave today and get back Monday. We should have a really fun time.

I went up and signed all the consent forms for the clinical trial. I am the first patient who has gotten this far. If you live in the Portland, OR or SW Washington area you might want to look into it they are taking 50 volunteers. Oh and they are going to pay me $500, so if it doesn't work we might just use the money to buy the drugs our insurance company won't pay for.

Here are the qualifications for the study
Volunteers must:
  • Be aged 18 to 38
  • Have BMI* less than 35
  • Have been unable to become pregnant in the last 12 months
  • Have an irregular menstrual cycle of four or fewer a year OR have a menstrual cycles of more than 45 days
  • Have a male partner with a normal sperm count

Volunteers must not:
  • Have diabetes mellitus
  • Be diagnosed with anorexia
  • Have active substance abuse


Test. Checking to see if this really works.
I sent this from my phone.
I can't give it a title from my phone, and that is annoying.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free Bowling

It came in the mail a couple of weeks ago, two coupons for free bowling with 10 of my favorite people. Shoe rental not included. So, this morning I told the kids we were going bowling. Giggles and excitment filled the house.

I had to meet my mom so I could get Gg (Great-grandma) her medicine that I picked up for her over the weekend. So, we met at the bowling alley. Then my Dad got off work and decided to join us too. We sure did have fun!!

Lincoln lasted about 2 frames until his eyes found the video games. He didn't actual play any, just climbed on them and thought he was playing them. Then he found the vending machine and convinced Gg to buy him some Oreo cookies. He then said that the TV that was showing our scores was actually saying that he was hungry. Creative little guy isn't he. So after working up a fierce appetite we headed to Sherrie's, its my parent's favorite and I don't argue with the people that are paying :)

Monday, August 10, 2009


These picture's are priceless.

It doesn't rain on Spider-Man
because he has his Spider-Man umbrella.

The guards.

He wears it everyday and can't wait for Halloween.

Ditka Dog

I haven't put up any new picture's of sweet Ditka so I thought I would indulge you all in a little of Ditka. I took these this morning and when ever I would get down to eye level he would immediately come to my side, and it was rather difficult to get him to stay put.

I managed to get a couple of him, he looks sad or confused and not sure what I'm up to.

He hasn't gotten into too much trouble, only just eating a bowl full of grapes and me forcing him to take meds to get him to puke is not on my list of fun things to do. Now we are just dealing with allergies, he take a Kirkland brand Zyrtec at night with his new limited ingredient meal...oh, brother...sigh.... He seemed to be doing better but has recently started to be a little more itchy....but you know what, so have I, so maybe its outdoor allergies that are his real problem.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm in

They accepted me into the clinical trial. There was some question if it would be okay because of my bicornuate uterus. They said it was fine as long as I had conceived before, which I have.
I go up next Friday to sign a bunch of consent forms and have my blood drawn. They can't officially accept me until the 19th because of the clomid I took last month. They only hard part will be the 10 dr. apts during the cycle. Reagan starts school in the beginning of September which will help if I can schedule my appointments in the morning and have my Dad pick her up after he gets off work.

I have said this before but seriously I don't know what I would do if we didn't have my parents or Tim's Mom living close to help us out so often. I guess we would figure something out, but it is such a blessing to have them here.

Right now I have to go and change some light bulbs in the garage. This is round 2 changing the bulbs, the first round I grabbed dead light bulbs, so now round 2 I know I have new light bulbs. And the dead light bulbs are in the garbage.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Nine years ago I wed this handsome man who is my groom.
I love him more each day and am so grateful that God brought us together!

2000 our wedding day.

2001 with BNL.

2002 my graduations from OSU.

2003 the birth of Reagan.

2004 Donaldson beach house.

2005 4th of July and pregnant with Lincoln.

2006 Lincoln's baby dedication & father's day.

2007 Disneyland trip

2008 my super sweet sixteen 80's birthday party.

2009 Summer

I love you Tim!!

2 kids

1 dog 4 moves 3 jobs

9 years of love