Monday, August 24, 2009

Waiting for the ferry in Anacortes, WA.
The kids throwing rocks into the water, we found lots and lots of agates.

Great Grandma Ruth relaxing in her designer shades.

Lincoln & Granddad watching the boats behind the ferry.

1st day there we went to the bug zoo.
Lincoln loved the ants the best, he loves ants.

Reagan was fearless in holding a centipede or millipede, I don't really remember.

On our way to lunch at Sam's Deli we stopped to pose
with a violin playing Darth Vader.

We took this peddle cart back to the van, Dad walked with the stroller.
We all enjoyed our short ride.

We then went to Craigdarroch Castle.
You can see those picture's on my flickr site.

Below is us waiting for the fireworks at
Butchart Gardens. We got there just before dusk
and enjoyed all the beautiful flowers.
Unfortunately I didn't take picture's of the garden, oh well.

I would highly recommend watching the fireworks show if you get the chance.
It was by far the best fireworks display I have ever seen.

Its hard to tell but below its a mouse running
for the cheese that the cat is protecting.

This chaos of fireworks is actually the cat chasing the mouse around and around.

At the end there was a little message in fireworks, it said,
"Good Night Christy"
You can click on the link above to find the store behind the message.
The kids thought it was really neat that it said
their Mommies name in fireworks, they were talking about it for days.

Our last day in Victoria we went to the Children's farm on Beacon hill.
We all had a nice time.

Lincoln was determined to have this little birdie land on his finger.
He kept saying but Mommy I get the birdie if I just tweet, tweet.
Lincoln then proceeds to stick his arm out with his pointer finger extended
saying, "tweet, tweet, birdie, tweet, tweet." It was so cute!

While we waited for the ferry, we played at this really cool park.

Unfortunately we couldn't play long because when the gates for the ferry opened,
we all had to be in the van and couldn't leave the secured area.
So, we bought lots of ice cream at the little gift shop
and let the kids climb all over the inside of the van.

We really had a great time and the kids want to go back again but next time Daddy has to go.
You can see more picture's on my flickr site.

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