Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free Bowling

It came in the mail a couple of weeks ago, two coupons for free bowling with 10 of my favorite people. Shoe rental not included. So, this morning I told the kids we were going bowling. Giggles and excitment filled the house.

I had to meet my mom so I could get Gg (Great-grandma) her medicine that I picked up for her over the weekend. So, we met at the bowling alley. Then my Dad got off work and decided to join us too. We sure did have fun!!

Lincoln lasted about 2 frames until his eyes found the video games. He didn't actual play any, just climbed on them and thought he was playing them. Then he found the vending machine and convinced Gg to buy him some Oreo cookies. He then said that the TV that was showing our scores was actually saying that he was hungry. Creative little guy isn't he. So after working up a fierce appetite we headed to Sherrie's, its my parent's favorite and I don't argue with the people that are paying :)

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