Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little better

I'm feeling better today, just taking it easy and icing my back a lot. The doctor gave me flexril & vicodin, which does help, it just makes me sleepy and kinda lazy, but I guess I do need to be resting. My doctor adjusted me and thinks it started with my first and second rib.

There is a really big race at the end of the month that goes from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast, hence the name Hood to Coast. A bunch of our friends are running in it and I volunteered to help out during one of the legs. Tonight I have to go up to the Nike headquarters and get my get my packet and t-shirt. Thankfully my awesome friend Cyndi is going to drive me, she is also a volunteer.

I left my camera in my parents van and when I get it I will post the picture's from our fun trip to Victoria, B.C.

I wrote while on flexril and vicodin, and I'm not sure if it makes much sense.

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