Thursday, August 20, 2009


****Update**** Lincoln has pooped 3 times on the toilet today!!!!! Next week we go to the trophy store to pick one out, so please help and vote or leave a comment.

Lincoln was laying on the floor today and this is what he said to me, "Mommy, next time I want to go potty & poopy on the toilet, can I get a trophy?" Me, trying to contain my excitement, said, "Yes, we will get you a trophy." Tonight he has been running around the house naked and running to the toilet saying he has to toot, but nothing happens, but this is a great start. Yesterday he told me he doesn't ever want to wear underpants, just a diaper....but something must have clicked.

So, now I need your help, you can either vote for one of the names below or leave a suggestion in a comment on what we should name the trophy. You have until Monday night to vote.


Julie Donaldson said...

I'm A Big Boy trophy

The goofy names are only amusing to the parents. To me the trophy is for Lincoln.

Christy said...

That cracks me up Julie because my Mom said the EXACT same thing.

I don't really like "Piston Cup", but its fun to see what other people think.

Julie Donaldson said...

Well, your mom and I are right!

The trophy has to make sense to Lincoln. I think my idea should win even if it only has my vote.

Christy said...

I think Lincoln actually named it for us. He wants to call it his "Toilet Trophy". I don't have a problem with that and he is so excited about it.

Julie Donaldson said...

Makes perfect sense. I vote with Lincoln.