Friday, September 11, 2009

1st day of Kindergarten

Lincoln had a hard time around 2am and came to bed with us. Then back to his bed and then back to our bed when Tim left for work. I woke up to a tapping on my arm and thought it was a fly in my dream and then I hear in a tiny girl whisper voice "Moooom!" I open one eye and can barely make out the clock, "7:30am". I over slept and then when my eyes focus on Reagan, I realize she is fully dressed and ready for her first day of Kindergarten. She loves school!

Lincoln and I got ready, we ate breakfast and then went to the front yard for our traditional first day of school photo shoot.

This is the outfit I woke up to and the one we had picked out the night before. I just love this picture, and the girl in the outfit, you know she can tie her own shoes now. I love how one of her feet is off the ground a little.

Her best girl friends at school, these three have been to pre-school, pre-k, and now kindergarten together. You wouldn't know it by the picture but Reagan is the oldest and the littlest.

Reagan got a quick trim from my hairdresser yesterday and she always gets a bit of fun color in her hair, she picked pink so it would match her outfit....pretty smart. She loves her desk and everything that goes along with school. She loves homework and can't wait to learn how to read.


Jennifer said...

You have such CUTE kids!

Christy said...

Thank you Jennifer, I think we will keep em ;)