Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My Mom's birthday was last Monday and I forgot to make a special post for her.
Here she is in the lower right hand corner.
In the picture are her parents (my grandparents) and her two sisters and one brother.

Also last week, my parents celebrated 45 years of marriage.
They are a wonderful example of what a marriage should be. Thank you Mom & Dad!!
(Mom on their wedding day, my Granddad and her Dad putting on her shoe)

Acapulco, Thanksgiving 2008.
I love my parents, they still hold hands, go on dates and are just awesome!!

Train ride in June 2009

Nana took the kids on a monster truck ride.

I love you Mom and we are so glad that you and Dad are in our everyday life, you both are a huge blessing to us and we are so grateful for you. Happy Birthday Mom!!

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Anonymous said...

And the monster truck's seats had no padding and it had NO springs so we felt every bump (they were more than bumps). Still not sure how I got roped into that one. Let's not do that to me again, okay?

Thanks for the post Christy, you know we love seeing you, Tim and the kids often. Love, Mom