Thursday, September 17, 2009

He must be growing

Lincoln must be growing. Today was much better! But later in the afternoon, there was some fighting and big time whining so they both had rest time again. During rest time they can play quietly in there room with the door open, just can't talk to Mom, whine or yell...if you do I politely close the door. Today Lincoln didn't want to be alone and today he insisted that he couldn't play alone, so I told him that it was time to close his door. He got quiet and I moved on with what I was doing.

Then I realize its too quiet.
So, I poke my head down the hall to see him laying there.

I get a little closer and yup, he is asleep.

This boy must be growing.
I better go check him, he is still in underwear...yikes!


Scott and Shana said...

So Sweet! I like your "rest time" technique...I think I'll try that one.

Christy said...

It works most of the time, Reagan has no problem playing by herself, Lincoln on the other hand can be a little bit more difficult.

I love rest time!