Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mutton Bustin

We went to the fair again today and stumbled across what looked like a kid rodeo. We quickly realized that any one under 56 lbs could enter this Mutton Bustin. Both kids wanted to participate and for only $5, why not.

Below is Reagan, she went for a long time and never fell off. They stopped the sheep and she got off. She got a big round of applause from the large crowd in the bleachers and another crowd that gathered to watch. She was on cloud nine!! She said after ward that she was ready for the bulls now, but only baby bulls. That girl is fearless!!

Lincoln was the youngest rider of the day and he also went alone. I guess two guys can run with you but both kids said they wanted to go by themselves. Lincoln also got a large round of applause, mostly for being the youngest kid to go alone. They also both got blue ribbons. Lincoln was unhappy and wasn't sure about the whole ordeal. It was only till after dinner when he said that he had fun but wouldn't do it again.

Here we are right after our cowgirl & cowboy put on a show. We were laughing about them riding the sheep for hours, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I still can't believe how long Reagan held on.

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