Monday, September 7, 2009

She went back for more

Reagan wanted to Mutton Bust just one more time. She did great and I was able to capture a small video of her on my camera. Its not the greatest because I looked up when I thought she was going to fall....(had to make sure my baby girl was okay).

Reagan also tried the BMX track but had a hard time so we decided to try again next year.

The only thing Lincoln wanted to do was go for a ride in the "Monster Truck", Nana took both kids and well, the ride ended early because our sheep rider got scared. Yes, it was Reagan who started crying and didn't like the ride. Which was okay because it was just the three of them on the ride. Then Lincoln started to act all scared because he sister was, but I know better.

4 days spent at the fair
3 elephant ears, 2 slushies, 20 rides, 3 Muttin Bustin rides,
1 Disney concert, 1 funnel cake, 4 ice cream cones, 1 Monster truck ride
and memories to last a lifetime. Good bye State Fair, can't wait until next year!!

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