Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today has been one of those days

Today started off pretty good but after we dropped Reagan off at school it all went down hill from there.I told Lincoln we could go to the local childrens museum, but when we arrive we realize it doesn't open up for another 40 minutes.
  1. That is the first tantrum he had today and it was a big one. I realize that I should have known the time it opened and it wasn't fair of me to take him there and then just have to leave. I tried to distract him by going to T.J. Max, however they didn't open until 9:30am, and we had 10 minutes to kill and that is when his
  2. first tantrum either reappeared or it is his second tantrum (I will just say it was his second). We walked to this neat bike store and he loved it. Then we walked back to T.J. Max and we puttered around, found a steal on a toy for Lincoln and then found something for Reagan and some Halloween candy bags. Lincoln is adamant that he wants to go home and see Ditka isntead of going to the Children's museum.
  3. When we arrive home he realizes the impact of his choice and has another meltdown and wants to go back. The only problem is that we have to go get Reagan and we need to let Ditka out because we are meeting my Mom at the mall to buy Reagan some earrings. Lincoln is crying that he doesn't want Ditka anymore and that someone else can pick up Reagan.
  4. We meet Mom/Nana and Lincoln doesn't want to be in Claires because its too girlie and we head off while Reagan stay's with Nana. Lincoln and I are at Nordstrom and try on some shoes, then meet up with Nana and head to the toy store, then head back to Nordstroms and Mom wants to buy Reagan some cute boots. Mom leaves me with her debit card and says buy some for Lincoln too. Well, Reagan didn't like how the boots fit and Lincoln only wanted shoes so he could get a balloon and I said, "we are done." I pack up our stuff and Lincoln looses it, he pushes on me while we try and get on the elevator, he tries to stop me again before we leave out the door but I just keep on moving. Then he doesn't want to hold hands as we cross the street and all I want to do is get to the car or wiggle my nose and reappear back home.
On the way home the kids are chatting about all the things they want to do as if nothing has happened and they have been perfect angles and I am just beat. So, I tell the kids that I'm too tired and exhausted by their behavior that we won't be doing all that they want. And that Lincoln will be having a rest time in his room for his behavior. It was nice and quiet for about an hour. I wish I could say that I feel rested and not frazzled, but I am.

Where did the day go? I don't think I got anything done expect some laundry and dishes and I don't have anything for dinner.

Its raining now and it smells so good, I opened some windows and now I can say I feel a little bit refreshed. I didn't get angry today, I just kept saying a silent prayer. Maybe I should have prayed out loud because that's when the kids know I'm about to loose it.

Its just been one of those days and "Mama said there'll be days like this, There'll be days like this Mama said"

Reagan has been learning to read at home for the past 2 days using hooked on phonics and so I must go because she is begging to finish today's lesson. She can read so much that when Tim and I spell words she can figure them out.....what a scary thought of not being able to spell out our secrets.....we might have to move on to pig Latin.

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