Friday, September 4, 2009

Too big to miss

I love the state fair, I always have. Once when I was about 8 years old I found $20 on the ground at the state fair and I got to keep it. It has always felt like a magical place to me.

This was our second day going, we went as a family on Saturday. My parents bought the kids the wristbands for the special discount rides day. They had a great time.

There is a chair lift ride at the fair that the kids just love, and its cheaper to go on than the farris wheel and since Lincoln is too little for the ferris wheel...this is a perfect alternative.

Reagan and Granddad on the chair in front.

A view from the chair lift.

I love this picture, Lincoln's hands never left the safety bar.

I need to photo shop this one so all you focus on are my Dad's shoes and Reagan's shoes, I think it would be a cute picture.

I'm going to try and upload a short movie from my camera, I'm not good at this so we will see.


Jen said...

Hey - how did you post the video? I tried from my camera once, but I only saw options for things like Flicker and youtube.

Cute pics - we love the fair too!!

Christy said...

Okay Jen, you need to go to "new post" or edit a previous post. Right next the add picture icon is what looks like movie film with the little black holes on the side. Click on that and follow the directions.

That is exactly what I did and I uploaded it from where I saved the file on my computer.
That was my first time doing that and it wasn't so bad.

Jen said...

Thanks - I'll try it - Jen :)