Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I have learned from ants

What I learned from ants
by Christy

  • Some ants dig and some ants don't
  • They get angry when you blow on them
  • They can kill a live fly
  • They groom each other
  • They can look dead when they aren't
  • If one tunnel doesn't workout they just look for different way
  • They take out the garbage to a pile and that is where they put their dead
  • They rest/sleep
  • Some ants don't get angry and won't even attack the wood skewer...very interesting
  • They drink water
  • They are very strong
  • They don't fight
  • They work hard
I transferred all the ants to one ant farm container. Then I removed all the sand from the other farm and dried it out in the oven. After it cooled I transferred all the ants back to the clean ant farm minus the moldy food with dry sand. This time I only added a small amount of water and they seem to be doing well. I haven't clean out the other ant farm container but will soon.

If your curious as to how I transferred the ants all I did was stick a long thin wooden skewer into the farm and the ants would climb on. I would quickly then pull it out and put it into the other farm and then give it a little flick and they would fly fall off.

I really do enjoy watching these ants work.

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