Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Birthday Dinner for Nana Sue

Sue loves roses, she is Tim's Mom and a couple of weeks ago we celebrated her birthday!

These are Mister Lincoln and
Ronald Reagan roses from
our garden that we had on the
table for dinner.

The ice cream cake with
jamoca almond fudge ice cream.....its was mmm mmmm good!

Kim her adoring husband aka Papa Kim and
her Mother aka Nana B bought her
this cute little mini laptop by acer,
its red and I want one too!!

We bought her Al Dente, Al is a pasta timer and the we bought him
at Butchart Gardens. The pamphlet is hilarious to read and we can't wait to
hear him sing the next time we are over for a pasta dinner.

Tim's brother Todd and his wife Leah got Sue
a gift card to Nordstrom...she was one happy birthday girl!!

Here are the grand kids singing the birthday song.

Here they are blowing out the candles.
We had a wonderful dinner and
a wonderful time with each other.

Happy Birthday Nana Sue!!
We love you!!

1 comment:

Julie Donaldson said...

What fun you all were having!
I love the timer.
I remember a long time ago, I asked Tim, because I didn't think he knew the exact answer by what he was saying, what 'al dente' meant. He said, "Just right" or was it "Perfect". Anyway, Robert and I thought it was funny, but it means the same thing really.....
"To the tooth' or "to the bite', is the answer. I always bite into my pasta to check it. I must be Italian.