Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love your neighbor as yourself....Mark 12:31

For the past year I have neglected to write about a problem that I have been having.  Just recently I have felt a tug on my heart to make amends, and led by the Holy Spirit to make peace.

Last year new neighbors moved in right next door to us.  People were coming and going at all hours and I wasn't sure what was going on.  There was this one woman who looked out of place and looked homeless, but yet she lived next door.  She would smoke on the sidewalk and the kids were afraid of her.  At times her hair would be different colors, along with bright makeup and loud clothes.  After some phone calls to local agencies I was informed that it was and still is a group home for rehabilitated women with mental disorders.  I wasn't happy about this but what could I do.  Four women "clients" live there along with the caretaker, her boyfriend, her 9 year old son and at times 2 granddaughters.

I complained a lot about it to my friends and family.  Big pitty party for me, poor Christy!  I never once went over to introduce myself, I felt it was her job sine I was here first....I know I'm such a brat.  But something happened recently and I went too far.  They are renting a house on one side of us and the house on the other side of us was available for lease and they are now renting it too.  I was upset and thought "Oh crap now we are surrounded by "these" people."  I called the rental agency and asked if it was rented and they said yes and then I said, "you know what she does?"  Like its against the law, which it isn't, and she said that she would not be working in that house, that it would be their homestead.  Again, pitty party for me...it's not fair!!  A couple of days later her son came to the door to sell wrapping paper and I bought a roll and made small talk.  He said that again they would be living out of both houses and I said, that's nice they are both lovely homes.  And inside I'm think "why me God?"  Why can't I just live on a normal street?  Well, about 15 minutes later her granddaughter rings the bell and hands me a 2 page letter.

She called me out and said not very nice things, it had many spellings and grammatical errors.  Even though my gut reaction was to write back in a defensive way and to point out every mistake she made, I knew that this had to end.  So, I didn't respond and instead did a little more complaining and a lot more praying.

On Sunday in church the middle school pastor was talking about faith and how it works with God.  In our Shepherding group we read Romans 12.  I knew that when I got home from Church I had to apologize.  However, she wasn't home....I breathed a little ***sigh*** of relief, she was home yesterday, so I went over.  I said I was sorry for my behavior and that I hope she would please forgive me, which she did.  I told her that I felt led by the Holy Spirit to make peace and that I wanted to get along with all my neighbors and obey God.  She was very nice and we talked for about 20 minutes.

I can't tell you how much better I feel.  This is where God has put us and I need to honor Him by obeying the second commandment of "Love your neighbor as yourself".....Mark 12:31

I would not have chosen them as neighbors but God has and I know He has a much greater plan for us.


Marylin Shannon said...


Christy said...

Mom, did you want to say something? Do you need help signing into blogger?

Jennifer said...

Thanks for being so honest. I can be prett judgemental (gasp, who me?) and I hate that about myself. Your transparency has made me take a second look at myself.

Ok, now a catty question: why did she call you out? Hadn't you just bought wrapping paper?

Second catty question: are you going to post the letter? I'm dying to read it. And that's why I am probaby going to hell. :)


Christy said...

Jennifer, she called me out because I called the rental agency and because I was talking to her son about the move.

I thought about posting the letter but decided I didn't want to go to hell either ;)