Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No voice

I feel great, except I don't have a voice. Most of my cold symptoms are gone except for no voice and a dry productive cough. Lincoln has the most trouble with my voice being squeaky and squawking. Last night it got real painful so I just stopped talking. I was putting Lincoln to bed and we were just looking at picture's and I would point to something and Lincoln would just put his hands in the air and would say, "Why you looking at me, I don't know how to read!" Then I would laugh like some strangled dying duck. Today he just keeps saying, "talk Mom, just talk!!!"

We started a carpool with our neighbor who's daughter is in Reagan's class. M-W-F, I pick up, and on Tuesday's Reagan gets picked up and dropped off and picked up on Thursday's. I'm very excited about this new arrangement, she wasn't so excited this morning, and was a little tearful. But I told her I would now have more time to make pancakes on Tuesday morning before school and she perked right up. I hope Reagan enjoys being in the car with her new friends.

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