Friday, November 20, 2009

Story of my life.....conclusion!!

This is a picture of our pump from our washing machine. Can you see something in there? I can.

It is something small, that goes on small feet.

That's right, it was Miss Reagan's lost Tinker Bell sock. It cracked the pump and that is why water was everywhere. Unfortunately for me, tinker bell socks are NOT covered under warranty. So, we are $120 something poorer but it was well worth it.

I watched him closely and now I'm pretty sure that I can fix a water pump on a washing machine. Heck, if I can fix our oven, I can fix the washer next time.

And I always thought that the dryer was the appliance that ate socks....

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Julie Donaldson said...

Well, I know the problem. The Tinker Bell I know was barefoot!