Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas day highlights

Santa brought Lincoln the jack in the box he so desperately wanted. He thinks its the funniest toy ever!!! Here he will demonstrate how it works.


Reagan got the white ice skates with a backpack to carry her ice skates. Here she is modeling it for you all.

Lincoln also got a marble maze called marble mania. It has about 200 to 300 pieces and took more than 2 hours to assemble.

Oh the joy of Christmas.....
I wonder how long it will stay put together?

The tree is down and all the Christmas stuff is put away. We needed the space back and the tree was very much dead and a fire hazard. We still have the house lights on, its too cold to deal with that right now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Picture's from December

The kids were in a live nativity at my Grandma's church on Saturday night. Cousin Haley was able to join us as well and was a beautiful angel with Reagan. We found an adult cow costume and Lincoln wore it for about 3 minutes and he was done. Grandma is the other angel right about him. They stood out there for 30 minutes, pretty good for a 7 & 6 year old little girls.


Lincoln at Reagan's school program.

Reagan with her best friend Sarah.

Video of Reagan and her class singing a cute song about the animals in the barn when Jesus was born.

Friday, December 18, 2009

500 **updated at end**

I had anticipated that this 500th post would be a memorable one in that we had an announcement to announce. On Tuesday I was feeling off and decided to take a pregnancy test. It came back with a faint line....but THERE was a line. I had dreams that night that the line changed and it looked like Morse code and then finally sewing stitches. The next morning I had a little bit of spotting but nothing big and took another test (of course) and again there was a faint line. So, I called the Dr. and they ordered a blood test, she said the spotting might be implantation. I got the results the same day which usually doesn't happen. My hcg level was 6, which means I was a little bit preggers and she told me that it needs to double by Friday. So I called my prayer warriors and gave them their job. I was beaming with excitement and the new life growing. I knew it was early and wanted to wait until Friday's news and hopefully a higher hcg number to make any sort of announcement. Tim talked to my belly as he did with Reagan & Lincoln. It would be a Christmas Miracle...

Well, Thursday morning came and so did my cycle and it wasn't just spotting. I was naturally devastated, but really I didn't have time to cry. I forgot to get the snacks for the kids at our Bible study, I had to get Reagan to school, get myself to Bible study, and we were having an attic door put in.

Today I had another blood test and am waiting back for the results but I'm not expecting it to be higher. I took another home pregnancy test and there was no line. I would love to try again right away but the doctor says we have to wait. I am extremely encouraged that my body has responded, my progesterone was 7 and it hasn't been that high at all during this process.

My friend Vanessa quietly asked me how I was doing, she knew and I told her that it wasn't good. She gave me a sweet hug but I could feel my insides starting to crumble as I felt the love she was giving me...I told her that she was cracking my shell and she said that is what friends are for.

Christmas will still be wonderful and I will cry at the midnight service. Baby Jesus will arrive on Christmas morning to our manger, we will eat warm cinnamon rolls and stay in our pj's all morning, unwrapping, eating, playing and putting toys together. It will be filled with love and sprinkled with Christmas magic.

***Nurse just called my hcg was 2 and my Dr. said that I don't have to wait and can take clomid this cycle. I will have a mid cycle scan and hopefully I will ovulate. She called this a "chemical pregnancy" which doesn't make it feel any better. But am still encouraged.***

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The clinical trial is over

I had my last clinical trial appointment last Wednesday. I am not pregnant and I should get my $500 in 2 to 3 weeks. In that last appointment I saw my RE Dr. and she said that she wants me to go back on the metformin and that we would talk in January. Currently I am slowly going back on the metformin. I feel good about that am looking forward to talking with her and seeing what my options are.

Tim starts PT on Monday and we are hoping that it goes well. He has been in a large amount of pain and we need our Tim/Daddy back.

Christmas shopping is almost done, just a few more family members to shop for.
I have been working hard for a memorable Christmas morning and I think things are all going to fall together and the kids are going to be floored.

The elf on the shelf appeared at our home this year and the kids are just mesmerized by our new friend Buddy.
They can't wait to wake up and see where he is hiding. Christmas is such a magical time of year, I just love it!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Calgon take me away......

Things are crazy around here.

Tim has a bulging disk and can't do much and really he shouldn't because I have been there and I know the pain. I'm just glad he is strong enough to go to work, and support our family.
Laundry is done, I just can't get it all put away....(Tim is my folder) So now I don't fold, I just put them in baskets and put them in the correct room and put them away that way.....or that is idea.

I'm working on several projects for Christmas presents and I can't seem to get any of them finished. I wanted to do more homemade gifts, but I'm not sure how many will get finished.

My SIL broke her ankle last Friday while we were all ice skating, I had just finished the first lap when I turned around to see my niece and SIL on the ice. I have been helping her out as much as I can but with Reagan in school, there is not much I can do since she lives an hour away.

Its REALLY cold here, like it got down to 16 degrees last night and I don't think it got above 28 degrees today. Which means I can't send the kids outside to play because its so cccold!!! It would be way better if we at least had some snow to go along with this freezing weather.

Every morning I tell God what I need to get done and I let him sort out the details. If something doesn't get done that I thought needed to get done it probably didn't really need to get done. Last night instead of staying up late doing dishes I went to bed.

I started writing this post at 9:30am, it is now 7:41pm and it would take longer but I don't think I will proof read it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mom

My Mom sent me an email after she read my post Smile.

I am so thankful to have her in my life and I wanted to share with you all
her kind words of encouragement and love.

This is only 1 out of a billion reasons why I love my Mom.

P.S. She typed this 4 times on her iphone while my Dad was driving from
Dover, DE to Virgina Beach, VA during the week of Thanksgiving.


Dear Christy:

(I just read your post about "Smile".)

It is so hard to go through what you are experiencing.
"The barren womb is never satisfied". It makes you
just ache, no matter how many other children you already have.
When we want a baby, we "want" our baby!

How do I know? I know. I remember asking God (on my knees
& out loud), "God, do you remember who I really am? Just
to remind you, this is Marylin. I love kids, Al is
a great father and husband. We are asking for another baby.
If your plan for us doesn't include another baby, I just
wonder if it is possible that our plan might have gotten
mixed up with someone else's plan. Please check it out again".

"I trust you, God, but it would be great if you'd give
us another baby anytime, now".

It sounds pretty dumb now, but I was getting impatient and
older every day. It was about 2 1/2 years later when
Billy was born and another 2 years more until you blessed
our family.

One thing I KNOW ... Your residence is still safely in
the palm of His loving hand. He knows the desires of
your heart and has promised to not have a deaf ear to
his children. All we have to do is continue trusting,
obeying and praising God.

This is the voice of experience (remember, there are
7 1/2 years between our 1st & 2nd boys...& that wasn't our
plan) reminding us that "God is still on the throne
and He never foresaketh His own"
(that means Christy & Tim).

Love and prayers, Mom