Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Calgon take me away......

Things are crazy around here.

Tim has a bulging disk and can't do much and really he shouldn't because I have been there and I know the pain. I'm just glad he is strong enough to go to work, and support our family.
Laundry is done, I just can't get it all put away....(Tim is my folder) So now I don't fold, I just put them in baskets and put them in the correct room and put them away that way.....or that is idea.

I'm working on several projects for Christmas presents and I can't seem to get any of them finished. I wanted to do more homemade gifts, but I'm not sure how many will get finished.

My SIL broke her ankle last Friday while we were all ice skating, I had just finished the first lap when I turned around to see my niece and SIL on the ice. I have been helping her out as much as I can but with Reagan in school, there is not much I can do since she lives an hour away.

Its REALLY cold here, like it got down to 16 degrees last night and I don't think it got above 28 degrees today. Which means I can't send the kids outside to play because its so cccold!!! It would be way better if we at least had some snow to go along with this freezing weather.

Every morning I tell God what I need to get done and I let him sort out the details. If something doesn't get done that I thought needed to get done it probably didn't really need to get done. Last night instead of staying up late doing dishes I went to bed.

I started writing this post at 9:30am, it is now 7:41pm and it would take longer but I don't think I will proof read it.


Julie Donaldson said...

Your SIL?

Summer Institute of Linguistics. No.

Sister -in -law? Just came to me.
Probably it.

Silly Illegitimate Landlady? Probably not.

Christy said...

Your right Julie, my Sister in law, but I like to call her my Sister in love.