Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas day highlights

Santa brought Lincoln the jack in the box he so desperately wanted. He thinks its the funniest toy ever!!! Here he will demonstrate how it works.


Reagan got the white ice skates with a backpack to carry her ice skates. Here she is modeling it for you all.

Lincoln also got a marble maze called marble mania. It has about 200 to 300 pieces and took more than 2 hours to assemble.

Oh the joy of Christmas.....
I wonder how long it will stay put together?

The tree is down and all the Christmas stuff is put away. We needed the space back and the tree was very much dead and a fire hazard. We still have the house lights on, its too cold to deal with that right now.


Jennifer said...

Cutest little blog ever!!!

Christy said...

Thanks friend, I found this layout for free....I'm all about free :)