Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today's ultrasound

Things are moving or I should say growing along quite well. They are decreasing my dose back to 75 iu in hopes that not all the developing follicles develop into eggs. I could have 8, but we DON'T want to ovulate 8.......the thought makes my head spin. If I over produce, then we will most likely cancel the cycle and try again next time. We only need 1 good egg. Next u/s Tuesday, talk then. Please pray!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The nurse just called and my estrogen level is 63. I asked her if that is good and she said well....they aren't going WOOHOO........just woohoo.
So they are bumping me up to 150 iu of follistim for 3 nights and another ultrasound and blood draw on Sunday morning. That means that I need to go back up to the pharmacy tomorrow and get more follistim, wish I would have gotten it today when I was there. They are several small follicles on both ovaries but would like them bigger.

That is it for now, I am encouraged and hopeful :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Olive Hope went home to be with Jesus.

"Olive Hope went home to be with Jesus tonight (Friday January 22) at 6:37. The infection was too strong for her little body. She was surrounded by lots of love as she went. She left us on her daddy's chest." That was on Rusty & Lynette's blog last Friday.

My brother sent me a text message with the sad news because I was at the woman's retreat. Please join me in praying for her parents.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I need to tell you that for the past year and a half I have been trying to earn favor with God and then maybe we would get pregnant. So every ministry opportunity that I was asked to participate in, I did. One of my spiritual gifts is service so this comes naturally to me, I did my jobs with a smile and a cheerful heart. But was thinking, I need to do more because obviously it wasn't enough because I wasn't pregnant.
I was wrong, not wrong in serving and using my gifts but wrong in thinking that I needed to earn God's love. I had God's love the whole time and I have been set free.

I feel lighter like my load has been lightened. Now, I'm not going to stop all the things that I have signed up to do. I will still have a smile on my face and a cheerful heart, but I will be doing these acts of service because that is what I do naturally. Our speaker this weekend said that her gift isn't amazing, that would be like saying "wow, that boat is amazing because its floats, but in reality isn't that what a boat was made to do?" I'm doing what God has designed me to do naturally because it glorifies God, not because I think then God will give me a baby.

I have more to say on this topic but I have a hard time organizing my thoughts and typing them out.

Okay a bit of exciting news. My Mom and I had to go by the Dr. office and learn how to give myself the injections and then go to the pharmacy to pick them up. I asked the pharmacist how much it would be before insurance and he said that insurance most likely would not cover the meds so I should be prepared to pay the estimate, which was $660. Mom and I went to lunch and when we came back to pick up the meds the pharmacist said he had good news. We didn't have to pay one penny for the meds, 100% covered, my jaw hit the floor and I praised God!! What a wonderful surprise!!
Last night I gave myself the first shot, which I totally psyched myself out for and when I finally gave myself the shot I was amazed that it didn't hurt at all......not at all!!
Next appointment is Thursday morning for an ultrasound and a blood draw.

Friday, January 22, 2010

quick update

I had a really nice talk with Dr. A yesterday and since I also started my cycle that I could start another round of what I wanted. I opted to start injectable drugs. On my way out of town with my Mom we will make a stop at the clinic. I have to watch a DVD about how to administer the shots, have an u/s and then pick up the drugs in the pharmacy. Then tomorrow I start the injections for 10 days. I am going to be out of town this weekend at our church's annual woman's retreat. I'm glad I will be in the company of such wonderful women and I look forward to time away with my Mom and in prayer.
Unfortunately my Mother-in-law can't go but am grateful that she can watch the kids today and have a special sleep over with her and cousin Haley. Tim will pick them up in the morning.
I'm not taking my laptop, so I will update after I get back how the whole giving yourself a shot thing is going. This will also mean that in the next couple of weeks I will have several Dr. apt up in the big city. Please pray for me and that I can find childcare for all the appointments and that above all God's will is done. Thank you!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The painting is done

Painting is all done, now I just need to get everything back where it belongs and realizing that I have too much stuff in my kitchen. Please enjoy some before and after picture's.



After dining room finished.

After, its hard to tell in this light.

I then moved onto the kitchen....
I had to move the stove and refrigerator, the kids were very excited to see what was behind them. Lots and lots of crumbs, dirt, dust, marbles, magnets, and tiny toys.

It didn't take as much time to tape and prepare the area, which was very nice.

Taken too closely with the flash on

Picture with flash on taken farther away.
(I do need to put on a second coat above the cabinets but I have run out of time.
Tomorrow I have the Dr. Apt. and Friday I'm going away with my Mom for our Church's annual woman's retreat at the beach......yippee.)

Taken without flash so you can see the color.

During all of this I decided to make a cheesecake for turned out great but
I think I was overachieving here a bit.

All of the crystal we received from our wedding almost ten years ago.
Washed and ready to go back on display. Someday I will have a beautiful buffet with glass doors and shelving to display it properly.

Ditka, taking it easy. Mostly he was under foot during the whole painting deal.
He likes to be close to me or around the kids if they are eating.

Its amazing what paint can do to a room. I love how it looks and feels.
Next time I'm not going to wait so long to paint....I think the bathroom is next.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blood work update

My progesterone level was 1.4 which means that I didn't ovulate. I told her that I would like to make an appointment to see Dr. A and she said that she thought I might. So, I go in on Thursday at 3pm. It is more of a what do we do next type of appointment.

I really got to know Dr. A during the clinical trial and having that relationship has sure made our communication more personal. The nurses seem to be nicer to me and call me back right away.

I'll let you know how things go.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 3rd blogiversary to me!!!

It has been three years since I started this blog.
The title is "My Presidents" named after the kids.

Lincoln 11 months old and Reagan 3 1/2 years old.

Reagan 6 1/2 years old and Lincoln almost 4 years old.

Thank you for going along with me on this journey.
I am so grateful to have friends, Internet friends, family and silent lurkers as my readership.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I haven't updated you all since Christmas about anything fertility related. I took 150 mg clomid for 5 days on cycle days 3-7. I opted not to have mid cycle scans because quit frankly I wanted to take a break from trans-vaginal ultrasounds. I have no idea if I have ovulated or not, I will have a blood test Friday to check my progesterone levels. It should be 7 to 15 if I have ovulated.
If we are not pregnant then I will go back up to the specialists office and talk about what to do next. She may want to continue on the clomid for a few more months but I want to take a more aggressive approach, which might mean more aggressive drugs.

I have been thinking a bit about the "chemical pregnancy" and trying to wrap my brain around what happened. What I found out is that a chemical pregnancy was indeed a conception and is actually a very early miscarriage. A chemical pregnancy would be a miscarriage before the fifth week of gestation. In my mind a miscarriage is a miscarriage and it was still a loss of life. That means that when I fill out medical forms and it asks me how many pregnancies I have had I have to write 3 and only 2 live births. It is still hard to wrap my brain around.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Redo, do-over, lets try this again

Because I was painting the kids wanted to desperately help me,
I folded and got out the easel and their paints. It worked for a while.

(Before) Devine Straw

(After) Devine Cream

I feel much better about the second color. I'm sure the first color would have looked fine, its just that it didn't sit right with me and truthfully I need to feel comfortable in my own home.


We cleared out the dinning room to get ready to paint.
The kids took advantage of some wide open spaces.

I'm not sure about the color, its a Divine color called straw.
I think its too close in color to the cabinets.
What do you think?

She did it again.

Reagan lost the other front tooth last Friday.
I'm not sure she even knew she was pulling it out.

Her friend and our neighbor was here and I think she was more excited than Reagan was.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

They are different kids

The box my sewing cabinet came in made the perfect club house. But when one sibling wants it one place and another wants it some place else a parent needs to think and act quick. Good thing I am excellent at both.

Lincoln wanted the club house in front of the TV so he could watch Up out of the round window in the club house......Reagan didn't.

Reagan wanted it over by the toy box. So, I moved some furniture around and now she is LOVING her own little space.

There is no more fighting, no more tears and one happy Mama.

And then sometimes they come together and create something really fun and I can hear the adventures begin.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The big daddy sewing cabinet

This cabinet is quality. Tim bought it from a local sewing/vacuum store and it was a special order. Tim picked the best color to match our house, he tells me the choices were not that great. But really I don't care, because it is very nice. All I have to do is push on the sewing machine twice and it will easily glide up (Tim says that it works with hydraulics) .

Above picture shows it in use and fully open. I need to go to the store and buy an extra plastic piece that will fill the gaps so the machine is flush with the table.

Below is the door that opens to support the top lid that then becomes more work space.
It also has very useful storage compartments.

Below, the machine is all the way up.

Below, the machine is easily pushed all the way down for storage.

Below the lid is closed and almost put away.

Then I easily roll the storage door closed and its tucked away until next time.
It also has five casters and I can roll it where ever I need it to go.

I love this sewing cabinet, it is made of solid wood and its heavy so when you sew there is now vibration or shaking from the machine. You can buy cheaper ones, but it will be particle board and in order to change machine height you have to manually adjust a large screw and move the shelf up or down.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

She lost it!!!

That is right folks, Reagan has lost her very first tooth. What a fun experience!! Watching her face go from terror/fear to exhilaration when she realized that it didn't hurt was priceless.

She made me turn off the video camera, and didn't want any of us to look at her or encourage her to yank that sucker out. I asked her if she had moved it from side to side, not front to back and she said, I will try that. Next thing I know, its out and we are all cheer!! Lincoln was so excited too but is glad that his teeth are firmly in place.

I wonder how much the tooth fairy will leaver her? Maybe just a couple of dollars and some quarters...we will have to wait until morning to find out ;)

Friday, January 1, 2010

What have I been doing you ask??

We have been building Geo Trax town.

We decided that the town needed some visitors.
Thomas the cat from Tom and Jerry came by for a visit.
I think he is looking for Jerry, but Jerry is no where to be found.

This guy is a Geo Trax guy,
but I think he looks like Conan O'Brien.

Lincoln got play-doh from his G.G. for Christmas and he
tells me it is his work and to please not bother him while he is working.

More picture's of Geo Trax town. We had to move some of the Trax
because the city planner wanted Trax to go under the train table.

When we need to take a break from trains
we play a little marble mania.

Sorry for being so quiet but we have been playing. I haven't even been able to play with my toys yet. A new Cricket personal cutter, and the big daddy, a sewing cabinet that hides my sewing machine and folds up to look like a cabinet. It has wheels and I can move it where I want it. Tim picked it out for me all on his own and he did a fabulous job, it was an awesome surprise!! It is from Tim, but My parents and Tim's Mom and Nana B helped some with the cost.