Monday, January 4, 2010

The big daddy sewing cabinet

This cabinet is quality. Tim bought it from a local sewing/vacuum store and it was a special order. Tim picked the best color to match our house, he tells me the choices were not that great. But really I don't care, because it is very nice. All I have to do is push on the sewing machine twice and it will easily glide up (Tim says that it works with hydraulics) .

Above picture shows it in use and fully open. I need to go to the store and buy an extra plastic piece that will fill the gaps so the machine is flush with the table.

Below is the door that opens to support the top lid that then becomes more work space.
It also has very useful storage compartments.

Below, the machine is all the way up.

Below, the machine is easily pushed all the way down for storage.

Below the lid is closed and almost put away.

Then I easily roll the storage door closed and its tucked away until next time.
It also has five casters and I can roll it where ever I need it to go.

I love this sewing cabinet, it is made of solid wood and its heavy so when you sew there is now vibration or shaking from the machine. You can buy cheaper ones, but it will be particle board and in order to change machine height you have to manually adjust a large screw and move the shelf up or down.


Kandi said...

I want one! How fun!

Zach and Beth said...

Ok, I know what I want when we move! That is amazing! I love how compact it is when put away too. Thank you for sharing!

scottAD said...

Holy COW! That thing is pretty cool!

-Shana (not Scott)