Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The painting is done

Painting is all done, now I just need to get everything back where it belongs and realizing that I have too much stuff in my kitchen. Please enjoy some before and after picture's.



After dining room finished.

After, its hard to tell in this light.

I then moved onto the kitchen....
I had to move the stove and refrigerator, the kids were very excited to see what was behind them. Lots and lots of crumbs, dirt, dust, marbles, magnets, and tiny toys.

It didn't take as much time to tape and prepare the area, which was very nice.

Taken too closely with the flash on

Picture with flash on taken farther away.
(I do need to put on a second coat above the cabinets but I have run out of time.
Tomorrow I have the Dr. Apt. and Friday I'm going away with my Mom for our Church's annual woman's retreat at the beach......yippee.)

Taken without flash so you can see the color.

During all of this I decided to make a cheesecake for turned out great but
I think I was overachieving here a bit.

All of the crystal we received from our wedding almost ten years ago.
Washed and ready to go back on display. Someday I will have a beautiful buffet with glass doors and shelving to display it properly.

Ditka, taking it easy. Mostly he was under foot during the whole painting deal.
He likes to be close to me or around the kids if they are eating.

Its amazing what paint can do to a room. I love how it looks and feels.
Next time I'm not going to wait so long to paint....I think the bathroom is next.


Bex said...

This looks SO good Christy!!!

scottAD said...

Great work! I like the color... it's never easy to really see how it will look until it's finished.