Friday, January 1, 2010

What have I been doing you ask??

We have been building Geo Trax town.

We decided that the town needed some visitors.
Thomas the cat from Tom and Jerry came by for a visit.
I think he is looking for Jerry, but Jerry is no where to be found.

This guy is a Geo Trax guy,
but I think he looks like Conan O'Brien.

Lincoln got play-doh from his G.G. for Christmas and he
tells me it is his work and to please not bother him while he is working.

More picture's of Geo Trax town. We had to move some of the Trax
because the city planner wanted Trax to go under the train table.

When we need to take a break from trains
we play a little marble mania.

Sorry for being so quiet but we have been playing. I haven't even been able to play with my toys yet. A new Cricket personal cutter, and the big daddy, a sewing cabinet that hides my sewing machine and folds up to look like a cabinet. It has wheels and I can move it where I want it. Tim picked it out for me all on his own and he did a fabulous job, it was an awesome surprise!! It is from Tim, but My parents and Tim's Mom and Nana B helped some with the cost.


Zach and Beth said...

I'd love to see a picture of your sewing cabinet! I'm going to be in the market for one this summer after we move.

Christy said...

I will take a picture tonight. And post about it in the next day or two.