Sunday, February 21, 2010

O-R-E-O Lincoln turns 4!!

Lincoln insisted on an Oreo cookie birthday party! We went to the party store and Lincoln quickly discovered that they don't make Oreo cookie birthday decorations. So, good ol' Mom got to work making Oreo cookie decorations from scratch.

Like his present? We wrapped his present so it would look like a giant package of Oreo cookies. I scanned a cookie from a package we had at home and downloaded an Oreo cookie font and can see my handy work.

I also printed out 44 Oreo cookies about 4 inches in diameter and then used my Silhouette cutter to cut them out and then we glued them on a volleyball party garland. I will show more of those picture's in another post.

The yummy cake and his present. We went to a new indoor water park that was built by the Salvation Army called the Kroc center. Ever since they opened, that is where he said his party would be.

I taped together Black and white poster paper to cover the table.....does it remind you of a certain cookie??? I printed out smaller Oreo's onto post-it picture paper and then used a 2 inch circle cutter to punch them out, the kids all helped stick them on the paper.

The birthday boy!!

I will spare you all the picture's of him opening all the presents. Instead I will just show you him opening up his big package of Oreo cookies.

Its a Fisher Price Imaginext dragon castle thing and he absolutely loves it!!

After cake and tons of Oreo's we went and did a little rock climbing on the rock wall and then we went swimming with all the party guests. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that the grandparents could come, extended family and great friends could all come and help us celebrate Lincoln!! Thanks guys, Lincoln must have told me a hundred times today, "I love you Mom" and "thank you for the party." He is such a sweetie!!


Bex said...

Whoa! You are SO good! Well done! This whole party, down to every last detail, is amazing.

Julie Donaldson said...

The problem is he will expect all women to be like you. He will end up living with you forever! But then again, Martha Stewart's daughter did move out....

Christy said...

Julie, you should know that Tim made the cake and helped with the decorations.

Hello said...

SOOOOO clever! Love it!!!

Jcmommy2 said...

Wow you guys are so talented. What a great idea. How cute. I love the cake and the wrapping very cool.

Jenny Carpenter