Sunday, February 28, 2010

What did I eat??

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I had a severe allergic reaction to something I ate last night. Upset stomach, got sick and then I started to itch. It was getting worse as time went on. So, Tim called his Mom to be with the kids because they were already in bed.

For the first time in my life I was taken straight back to a room at the ER. I did look pretty freaky, my face was bright red, my hands were swollen itchy and red....they itched the most. They gave me a shop of epinephrine, benadryl, pepcid and decadron. I puked from the epi and then promptly felt drugged and went to sleep.

The Dr. told me that it was most likely something I ate since it started inside my body. The Dr. said this may be the only time I will have an allergic reaction to whatever it was that I ate, since I didn't eat any thing new.

Here is what I ate, don't laugh....or judge me. I will start at Lunch.
I ate a chicken salad sandwich with cheese its and a glass of water
On our ride to see Great Grandma Ruth in the hospital I took a secret bit of Lincoln's chocolate. Got thirsty in the Costco parking lot and found a day old grape Gatorade so I had a small drink and gave the rest to Reagan.

For dinner and made myself a tomato, mozzarella salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil....that is one of my favorite dinners to have...especially in the summer when the tomatoes are fresh from the garden. I then tried some of Tim's dinner, which ones just 1 small pizza roll that he bought at costco and then half a one because Reagan didn't like it.

Then I treated myself to a bowl of breyers all natural vanilla ice cream with some chocolate magic hard shell and some regular Hersey's chocolate syrup. (Remember no judging ;) )

Its around 7:30pm I thought it would be a nice treat to make cookies for the kids so after they went to bed I started making chocolate chip cookies with no nuts, its the nestle toll house recipe on the package. After I mixed the wet ingredients I tasted it, and I know it has raw eggs but I still had to tasted it. Then I mixed the dry ingredients and then chocolate chips.

We rented the movie The Informant with Matt Damon and started to watch it just before 8pm. I ate about 3 spoon fulls of raw cook dough.....okay maybe 5, but who doesn't love raw cookie dough?

Around 8:30pm I started to feel like I was going to be sick, just when Matt Damon is telling the FBI agent that the company is doing everything by the book now and I think he was in Switzerland.

I went to the bathroom and got rid of most of my stomach content.
I then did the same from the other end of my body. I thought that maybe I got sick from the raw egg. I washed my hands and then put in hand sanitizer.

I then began to notice that the palm of my hands were bright red and itched like crazy.
( wondering if it was the hand sanitizer, even though have used it so many times?) We turned the movie off and I went up starts to lay down when I looked in the mirror and saw my bright red face. Then it was going up my arms. I took two benadryl and a promethazine for the nausea. Tim went to look my symptoms up on Dr. Google and then he called his Mom to be with the kids so he could take me to the doctor. And well you know the rest.

I posted some more picture's on flickr and you take look at those. .

Doing much better today, thank you God!!
Today I'm fine with just some small hives that don't itch too bad..
I'm very nervous about eating today and hope that I never have to go through that again.


Jcmommy2 said...


I am glad you feel better. How awful. I am sorrry you had to go through that.
You said tomatoes. What your arm looked like is what my skin looks like with RAW tomatoes (not cooked or sauces). I just developed the allergy one day when I was around 20. I had been eating them all my life with no probs before. see you next week at the retreat.
Jenny Carpenter

scottAD said...

Wow! Glad you are OK!


Christy said...

Thank you Jenny, I see the doctor today at 3:30 and will ask him about the tomatoes. I really hope its not the tomatoes!